About Me!

Hello citizens of the World Wide Web! There’s a new girl in town and her name is Galaxy Girl. I’m a Fashionista with a capital F. I love to have fun and I think my style reflects that. I’m the Social Bloggerfly for orangefish.ca, a fabulous online boutique where you can find Unique Stylish & Fun items. 
I’ll be visiting this blog often to give you guys tips about letting your own style shine or just to share links to cool things I see in the online world. I love to gab so don’t be afraid to reply with tips of your own, or just to say hi!
Here’s gg in 100 words or less:
Passions: New Places, new friends, the environment, music, and of course parties

Personality: Adventurous, charismatic, confident, fun loving, curious

Favourite Colour: Yellow, like the summer sun (for now!)

Style: Fun, daring, and flirty (I’m definitely not a wallflower)

Favorite Item in My Closet: A super-fab pair of fushia pumps

The Rumour Mill a.k.a. What people say when they think I’m not listening (and of course I am!): gg is impatient, impulsive, a bit of a know it all, and always gets into trouble. (Sounds like the green monster has got them to me).

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