Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Planning a Fashionable and Fun Canada Day!

Break out the Molsons, the flags, the fireworks, and the beavertails…It’s Canada Day this weekend! If you’re in the GTA it’s looking like the weather is going to be fab (knock on wood!) so it’s the perfect occasion for a picnic. When I say picnic, I don’t mean, a bucket of KFC on a lawn with some bottles of pop (though that’s totally cool too). This year I’ve decided I’m going to get a bit more creative and chic for my Canada Day picnic. I’m going to trade in the Molsons for some of the unique summer wine pairings Food and Wine Magazine recently published. I’m also going to attempt to amp up my usual pasta salad. And of course, no summer picnic would be complete without some stylin’ threads.

Wine pairings can definitely be a bit daunting. All those different brands, regions, and grapes just send me through a tailspin. Its at times like this that I turn to the experts! I found a fabulous Food and Wine article that had a list of pairings for all your fav summer foods. I paid particular attention to the grilled foods pairings. Because Canada Day is a great excuse to give my BBQ a good workout.

I love a good grilled fish and am a bit of a citrus addict so I was particularly intrigued by this pairing:

On the Grill: Halibut or other light fish, vegetables, citrus marinades

In the Bottle: Aromatic, zesty white: Sauvignon Blanc, Albariño

But I also know I’m going to be making some steak for my guests:

The Food: Barbecued ribs, leg of lamb, steaks

Classic Pairing: Powerful, tannic red: Cabernet Sauvignon, French Syrah

Then, for the non-wine drinkers I’m going to whip up a batch of freshly made Mojitos! The perfect refreshing drink for a hot summer day!

For Décor, it can sometimes be a challenge to avoid going from Patriotic to super kitschy. Sure, a good dose of kitsch is appropriate for Canada Day, but my backyard doesn’t have to look like a party packagers exploded onto it. I am in love with these plates from a Style at Home article. They are definitely drool-worthy. Head to discount chains to find plates like these ones sale. And the best part is, because they’re not decorate din maple leafs, they are actually perfect for every day use.

For dessert, I’m making mini Strawberry Shortcakes. Just make a vanilla cupcake. Then slice the top off. Pile some freshly whipped cream and sliced strawberries on top of the bottom then put the cupcake top back on. Pile on more whipped cream and berries and voila! A delish and appropriately colored dessert! Then, arrange them on a cupcake stand with red cupcake liners and you have turned your dessert into décor too! Put some red jelly beans, nibs, and Swedish Berries in small clear bowl, and arrange them around the cupcake stand for the perfect sweets table!

Of course, fashion is almost as important as the food. My #1 Canada Day rule is to keep your outfit comfy so you can wear it from early brunch right till the end of nighttime fireworks. Here’s an outfit similar to what I’ll be wearing this weekend:

Canada Day Fun

White tee
$25 -

$50 -

Burberry Brit striped handbag
£375 -

Wooden jewelry
$195 -

Pixie ring
$79 -

Flower hat
$18 -

It’s the perfect dose of white and red so I’m showing my national pride in style. Note, my new fav find, Sseko Sandals. I’ve been wearing the Starboard straps all week, but this weekend I’ll be switching them out for my red straps (yep, that’s right…if you didn’t know, they’re interchangeable!) Read more about Sseko fair trade sandals on last week’s blog here.

Have a lovely Canada Day everyone…eh!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Little Bit of Puppy Love

Man’s best friend has been bringing a little extra love to our lives for centuries. From King Henry, to the cast of Air Bud, to Tinsel town’s finest, our furry friends have been along for the ride, and have made life a little sweeter.

People like to say that these days a dog is the perfect accessory. But I think they’re so much more then that. Sure, a dog is one of Hollywood’s hottest trends, but they’re more then just a pair of cute shoes. They’re a source of love, comfort, and happiness. Nothing makes a day better then a good old-fashioned cuddle with your favorite furry friend. 

Maybe that’s why celebrities are often photographed with their special pooches. Their lives are undoubtedly stress-filled. People judging them, starting rumours, getting jealous, and the list goes on. But animals love unconditionally. They’ll never call you fat or say your new haircut sucks. They’ll just give you a big wet kiss and look up at you with their big cute eyes.

And of course you can dress your dog up with adorable leashes (and maybe even match their leash to your outfit) and you’ll look totally stylish! Some dog clothes can look a bit cheesy (and the dogs usually look uncomfortable). The key is: keep it simple. One small accessory like a cute leash does a double duty. It’s practical, and adds just the right amount of bling. I once tried to dress up my own dog and boy did he hate it! Never again! Instead, i opted for chic cute collar with dog friendly charms that show off both his and my unique personalities. I love that MOGO charm bands can be linked together and decorated with your fav charms to make the perfect dog collar! It's an easy, cheap, and totally stylish solution!

Here are some of my favorite Celeb pet pictures. Gotta smile at all the love going on!



All above photos are courtesy of E Online

And for kicks, here’s a pic of my fav little buddy: my dog Cody chillin' at the beach (look at that smile!)

Plus, stay on the lookout for a new pet product this friday! It'll keep your puppy safe (and looking cute)

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Thursday, June 16, 2011

What to Wear: Wedding Guest Edition

With the film “Bridesmaids” gaining more popularity every week, wedding fashion is at the forefront of my mind. During the royal wedding, there was nearly as much press for Beatrice’s hat then for Kate herself (it even got its own Facebook page!)

While what the bride wears is obviously important, so is what the guests wear. You never know you who might run into at a wedding (your ex, your high school crush, that girl who started a mean rumor about you, etc). So of course, you want to look hot! (but not too hot!). There’s a careful balance to achieve between sexy and well…you get my drift.

For me, at summer weddings I just want to bust out the florals, the pastels, or even this seasons trendy bright colours. Ladies, leave the neutrals and dark colours for your winter weddings. There are all sorts of rules that people used to need to follow for weddings, but these days its pretty much anything goes. Do be mindful of the church’s rules though. You may want to bring a shrug or small jacket to cover your shoulder just in case. AT one point, guests strayed away from black and white at weddings, but I still see people wearing both. The most important thing is that you wear whatever you feel confident and beautiful in. A smile and a good strut is your best accessory!

Here are a few looks I’ve put together using some of this seasons hottest trends:

The One Shoulder
I love how popular the one shoulder dress has become. It is chic and sexy without showing too much skin. Pair a plainer dress with embellished or patterned accessories to add a little extra personality.

The Stylish Wedding Guest

The Fascinator
The Fascinator has become infamous after the parade of them at the royal wedding. But they can also be seen at the Kentucky Derby, other horse races, and in wedding ceremonies across England. So if you’re looking to take a fashion risk and try out this trend here’s a little inspiration:
English Wedding Guest

 What do you like to wear to weddings? Feel free to post your own wedding polyvore creation!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Goodies for Men...On Sale!

If you’re looking for the perfect Father’s Day gift without breaking the bank we have a sale for you! We’re featuring some of our best men’s products at discounted prices so you can treat your dad like a King and still keep to a budget. There’s a little something for dads who like sports, stylish dads, sentimental dads, and every other kind of dad you can think of! Or if the men in your life have summer birthdays, why not stock up on gifts now and save yourself money and time later on!

Do you know a man who dreams of being a rock star? Start with this classic vintage leather belt with beautifully embossed "Rock Star" lettering, hand painted leather buckle and vintage style leather strap. This belt is the perfect accessory for that hip outfit. So even if he can’t rock out in front of a crow of thousands, he can sport this fun belt and sing along to the radio or bust out some wicked karaoke tunes. Pair the belt with his favorite CD or tickets to a concert for a unique gift.
Maybe your dad, boyfriend, or brother doesn’t want to be a rock star himself, but just wants to enjoy tunes created by the experts. Maybe he’s bored of his plain ol’ headphones. Now he can add a personal touch to his iPod or smart phone with Rock Buds. These stylish headphones are decorated with cool designs that will express his personal style. And the retractor ensures that his ear buds will never get tangled again. These headphones make the perfect gift for anyone from a teenager to someone in their forties. Everyone could use a little extra style in their life!

For the tech savvy man, the circuit board business case is the perfect gift! The circuit board may have been designed for use in a computer, an electronics component, a phone, or a television - why not a business card case. This product captures the intrinsic beauty of technology while providing an environmentally friendly alternative to the circuit boards being disposed of in landfills. Each product may vary by color and pattern making every item unique - virtually one of a kind, just like your favorite guy!

Summer weather means that men everywhere are taking to the golf course. But now they can take their favorite game to the boardroom, or out to a fancy dinner. These Golf themed cufflinks come in a set of 6 that can be mixed and matched to suit his mood.

Head to and check out the Man Sale today for your next great deal!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Gifts Worthy of Great Dad!

Fathers do so much for us. They drive us to our soccer games, and cheer from the sidelines. They help us put up shelves in our bedrooms to display our dolls and trophies. They drive us to our first day of school and wish us luck. They have “the talk” with our first boyfriend/girlfriend and tell them that they better not hurt us. Dads support us, cheer on our dreams, walk us down the ailse, and give us more love then we could ever ask for. So its only fair that every year we devote a full day to recognizing how important they are to us. So to all the dads out there, Happy Fathers Day!

For everything he does for you, he deserves to be treated like a king for the day! And Kings get lots of awesome goodies! Here’s my guide to picking our the perfect gift for your dad.

Sports Fan
Does your dad reserve the tv every Sunday night for football? Has he got your whole house excited for the Stanley Cup finals? Does he cherish his sports jersey collection? If this sounds like your dad, he’ll be sure to love these sports themed bowls. In Volleyball, Soccerball, Football, and Baseball designs you can pick your dad’s fav sport or collect them all!

 The Stylish Guy
If your dad respects a well cut suit, never wears brown or white socks with black shoes, and always makes sure his shirts are well pressed, then these stylish cufflinks are for him! The Watch Movement cufflinks are a unique twist on the traditional cufflink. So your dad will look put together but unique. Taken from watches of the early to mid 20th Century, the gears, levers and jewels that make up these cufflinks are totally chic. They’re sterling silver, and come with a certificate of authenticity. The perfect piece of luxury for the dad who deserves to be king for a day.
The Computer Savvy Dad
Every king needs a USB stick worthy of holding all his important royal computer files. This metallic USB stick matches the sheen on a royal crown. The fun shape is a great deviation from traditional boring USB sticks. So whether he’s a King, a businessman, or a #1 dad, this USB stick is a great addition to his office!

 Or if your dad is always quoting from Star Wars, he’ll love this Obiwan USB stick. Obiwan is one of the few major characters to appear in all of the six Star Wars films.  He is responsible for tutoring Luke in the ways of the force. Show your dad how much he has taught you with this fab gift! Then treat him to a Star Wars movie marathon, snacks included.

 The Cuddly Dad
When your not there to give your dad a big hug, this warm fuzzy blanket will be a cozy alternative. At home or away, indoors or out, these comfortable mid-weight blankets soften the demands of everyday life. Inspired by the memory of a cherished childhood blanket, these distinctive jacquard woven ChappyWraps are made using the best materials and craftsmanship. Every blanket is large enough to use as a bed blanket or as a generous throw. ChappyWraps are sure to become your everyday blankets...for life. There are a large selection of Chappy Wraps so you can pick the colour and design that fit your dad’s personality:

sports themed blankets that feature baseball, football, and soccer motifs. Your dad will be reminded of all his family sports game memories every time he wraps himself in the blanket.
And for the Dad who can’t get enough of Tim Hortons commercials and hockey there are Canadian themed wraps with Canadian colours and motifs. And of course, there’s a hockey blanket too just in time for Stanley Cup finals!
And most importantly, take some time out of your busy day and give your dad a big ol’ hug. Write him an encouraging note, cook him a special dinner, or just remind him of how much he means to you.

For even more Father's Day Gift Ideas, check out the suggestions at

Friday, June 3, 2011

Guys Night In!

Just because my blog is pink and I like to talk about makeup and shoes a lot, doesn’t mean that Orangefish doesn’t have lots of love to give to our male customers. So this week, it’s all about the guys! Sports, drinks, fun, with a perfect dose of style is what we looked for when choosing what products to bring to our guy fans. We were able to find these unique products just in time for Stanley Cup Playoff season and Father’s Day.

For the Sports fan, these new themed bowls will help you enjoy your meals in style. The wooden bowls are shaped like Baseballs, Footballs, Volleyballs, and Soccer balls, so you can pick your fav sport, or collect them all! Make your favorite game-time dip and throw a bunch of tortilla chips in one of these bowls. Then, invite your buddies over and watch the game for a perfect guys night. They’ll be totally jealous of your hosting skills and your awesome bowls. The best way to get guys to notice home décor is to throw in a sports theme!

If you want to add a little extra fun to guys night bring out these new shot glasses! We’ve hooked two cool new designs, a skull, and fish. Both are the perfect way to celebrate your fav team winning the game. Pick your favorite brand of vodka, tequila, whiskey, or get creative and mix your own signature shot. Or if you’re more of a beer or mixed drink person, use the matching skull tumbler glass to drink in style. Then toast with your buddies when Vancouver wins the Stanley Cup! Cheers!

So whether you’re a guy yourself and are looking for a special treat, or are searching for the perfect fathers day gift, Orangefish has got you covered! And who says guys are the only ones who can enjoy sports. If you’ve been to a sports bar during game night you’ll see plenty of women showing some major spirit for their fav team. So ladies, don’t be afraid to show your sporty and spunky side with these fabulously fun bowls.

If you want a delish recipe for guy’s night, try this fab 6 layer dip courtesy of Food Network.

                 2 cloves garlic
                 2 teaspoons kosher salt
                 1(15-ounce) can black beans, drained and rinsed
                 1 (15-ounce) can pinto beans, drained and rinsed
                 2 teaspoons chili powder
                 1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil
                 2 cups lowfat shredded Cheddar
                 2 ripe avocados, preferably Hass
                 1 jalapeno, stemmed, finely chopped, (with seeds for more heat)
                 2 cups chopped romaine lettuce
                 1 1/2 cups nonfat yogurt, preferably Greek
                 1/2 cup fresh cilantro, leaves and some stems, roughly chopped
                 3 ripe medium tomatoes, diced
                 5 scallions (white and green), thinly sliced

On a cutting board, smash the garlic cloves, sprinkle with 1 teaspoon of the salt, and, with the flat side of a large knife, mash and smear the mixture to a coarse paste. Put the garlic, beans, chili powder, water, and olive oil in the bowl of a food processor and blend until smooth. Spread in the bottom of a 2 quart casserole. Scatter the cheese over the beans. Halve and seed the avocados, then mash with the jalapeno and another teaspoon of salt in a small bowl. Spread a layer of the avocado over the cheese, and then scatter the lettuce on top. Mix the yogurt with the cilantro and then spread over the lettuce. Add a layer of tomatoes and finally scatter the scallions on top. Chill until ready to serve. 

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