Friday, April 29, 2011

Accessories Fit for a Princess!

With the royal wedding everywhere these days you may find yourself drooling over all the extravagance. The flowers, jewels, and fancy dresses are enough to make any gal jealous. People have been camped out for the last two days in the streets just hoping to catch a glimpse of the prince and his princess. Maybe its all those fairytales we read when we’re young, but it seems that many of us have secret fantasies of one day meeting a prince (Harry’s still single after all!), or discovering that we’re actually related to a member of the royal family (I blame the princess diaries movies for that one). But as I’ve seen after watching hours of royal specials, being a princess isn’t quite as glamorous as it seems.  I’d rather have the extravagance minus the hounding paparazzi and royal scandals. Just because I can’t deal out for an 18 Carat ring, doesn’t mean I can’t have my own little piece of luxury. So Orangefish has hooked this new collection at just the right time! Its luxury on a budget! The swarovski studded pens, business cases, usb sticks, and compacts are fit for a princess (without the royal price).

A princess has a lot of signatures to sign on very important royal documents. So she, of course, needs a gorgeous pen, worthy of a princess. This swarovski-encrusted pen is for princesses and fashionistas alike. Just because you aren’t marrying Prince William doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a gorgeous sparkly accessory! And it’s totally practical too! It writes incredibly smoothly so you can get all your important paperwork done in record time!

Your computer files are a treasure. So don’t they deserve to be wrapped in over 100 luxurious swarovski crystals? Not only is this stick practical, and will hold 1GB of your golden files, but it’s also a sparkly accessory for the tech-savvy generation.

I wonder what a princess’s business card case would look like? Probably like this one! This swarovski-studded case is the perfect home for all your business cards. So next time you reach into your purse to whip one out for a future client (or date), don’t be afraid to flash your stylish case. Let your sparkling personality shine!

Every prince needs a USB stick worthy of holding all his important royal computer files. This metallic USB stick matches the sheen on a royal crown. The fun shape is a great deviation from traditional boring USB sticks. So whether you’re a prince, a student, a businessman, or a #1 dad, this USB stick is a great addition to your office!

Did you watch the royal wedding? What did you think? Was it too extravagant, too modern, too traditional? 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Planning a Royal Party!

There hasn’t been a wedding this big since princess di! So why not use it as an excuse to gather all your closest friends and throw a good ol’ fashioned partay! I can’t help but be fascinated with all this royal wedding business. I know all about Kate’s gorg ring, the type of gold being used for her wedding band, what dresses she might wear, and who is on the guest list (and who is not). Thanks to the Internet (and a weeks worth of wedding specials on TLC), even if I wanted to ignore all this wedding hubbub I couldn’t. I sadly even know that a jelly bean with a design resembling Kate’s face is selling for more than 500 pounds on Ebay (now that is one expensive jelly bean!).

Now you have two routes to go if you want to do a royal wedding viewing party. You can choose to host a classy, British high tea type party with cocktail dresses, crustless cucumber sandwiches, pastries, and classic decorations. Or you can go all the way and kitsch-out your house. Yes, that means union jack streamers and plates, fake Kate engagement rings (use blue raspberry ring pops for an edible version), and maybe even some old wedding dresses. You could even have an ugly bridesmaid dress competition!

Another decision you’ll have to make is what time you want to watch the wedding at. If you’re a trooper you can watch the live early morning 4am broadcast. Or, if you’d rather wait for a more comfortable time, it will be on again at 9pm on Global. The time you choose to run your party at will surely impact what food/drinks you’ll be serving.

At Early Morning Parties:
-       Coffee
-       Tea (obviously!) In cute vintage tea cups if you have any
-       Scones
-       Light sandwiches (cucumber and cream cheese is a popular choice)
-       Fruit

At a nighttime party you definitely have a few more options. If you have ever worked with Fondant before (I promise, its not as scary as it sounds!), it would be fun to use it to decorate a load of sweets for your guests. Using red, white, blue, and gold fondant make cookies in the shape of the British flag, wedding ring cookies, cookies shaped like wedding dresses, crown cookies, or pretty much any kitschy fun shaped cookie you can think of! You can also serve a British style sit down dinner with delicious dishes like fish and chips (served old school in newspaper) and trifle.

You can pump up the party with some royal trivia, a best wedding photo competition, a worst wedding photo competition, and maybe even place some bets on whether Harry’s going to marry Chelsea Davvy.

Are you going to watch the royal wedding? I have to admit I am planning on watching it, and I have even painted my nails a metallic gold colour to commemorate the royal occasion. Now we’ll just have to see if I’m able to drag myself out of bed at 4 to watch it!

check out this hilarious royal spoof of the wedding dance video that was so popular last year. So many crazy hats in one video!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Confronting Spring Cleaning Head On!

April brings lots of lovely things with it like budding flowers (if this snow ever stops), baby showers, green lawns, and that exciting spring-time energy. But it also brings one dreaded thing…spring cleaning. We put it off for months and months, but spring is finally upon us and we’ve run out of excuses. I say we take up an oath that the procrastination stops here! Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a bad thing! It can be a great chance to organize through the last 12 months of your life, take stock of what you’ve accomplished, and make new goals. I just love that fresh start feeling that comes in the spring time.

I like to make lists of all the tasks I need to complete. Then I put out labeled garbage bags (or bins) for the things I’m keeping, the stuff that’s going into the trash, and the items heading to Goodwill. Take on one room at a time so you don’t feel overwhelmed (that won’t help you accomplish anything!) If you feel like procrastinating, switch to a task that’s more fun (like sorting clothes, my fav) or something you can do while you watch tv to keep you interested. Or, do what I always do, blast your favorite tunes and dance around like a fool while sweeping the floor. Though, I’d recommend shutting your drapes for this because you may get some funny looks from the neighbors. The key is to have fun with your cleaning!

Once you figure out all the stuff you don’t need anymore have a good ol’ fashioned garage sale or a swap with a friend. That way you have some extra money to spend on refreshing your home décor. My favorite part of spring cleaning is that it’s a great excuse to do a little home decorating! I like to reward all my hard organizing work with a shiny new closet organizer, or coffee table, or art piece for my walls.

Well just in time for Spring Cleaning Orangefish is having a sale on our prints in our photo bug sale. Whether you’re looking for something to add a little extra colour and whimsy to a child’s bedroom, or if you want to add some style to your living room with our large black and white prints, you’re sure to find a print that suits your taste. Art has a special way of bringing a room to life and creating a lively and positive atmosphere. Plus, always love the chance to support Canadian artists!

Also, if you’re looking for more treats to reward yourself for all your hard cleaning work take a look at our “cool cribs” section. We have fun and stylish office supplies like the Pip tape dispenser. Its bright pink colour, and cute bird shape puts your plain black dispenser to shame. Work doesn’t have to be dull. You might find that adding a little sparkle and colour to your work routine could refresh you and ignite a spark of creativity. I know if I were to work in an office full of plain black accessories I’d be ready to sleep not work! (that’s why I love my bright pink laptop skin!)

An Orangefish fav, the chalkboard vase is another great addition to any office, kitchen, or living area. Write special messages to your loved ones, draw silly pictures, or write daily memos on this chic vase. There’s a world of possibilities and you get to express yourself any way you please! It’s a great conversation starter at parties too!

What is your spring cleaning routine? Do you dread it or look forward to it?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What's Hot This Weekend?

Easter weekend is a time when lots of people get together with their families and have large treat-filled Easter hunts, or celebrate the religious history of Easter. But of course, it also means 2 days off work you can celebrate with your friends. So if you’re single in the city (or just looking for some Easter fun), here’s my guide to what’s going down this weekend in Tdot.

If you’re a music geek check out the Submarines concert this weekend. You might recognize their song “You, Me, and the Bourgeoisie” from a few iPod commercials. They’re catchy songs always get me smiling and tapping my feet (I get some odd looks on the Subway when I listen to them)

If you’re into the arts scene you might enjoy Mirvish’s production of Calendar Girl or Billy Elliot. Second City is also always a good time. Their show this weekend “This Party’s a Riot” is sure to get you laughing! Just be careful, you never know when you might find yourself as a part of their skits!
Also, for a quirkier show, check out “Bye Bye Liver” a musical pub theatre show at the Hard Rock Café.

Are your taste buds in need of some lovin? Summerlicious’ vegetarian cousin, Veggielicious is on this weekend! Most of the vegetarian restaurants in Toronto will have fixed price menus where you can get an appetizer, entrée, and dessert for one low price! It’s a great way to be adventurous with your cuisine choices and try out new restaurants.

If you’re more of a film buff use the weekend to try out the fancy 19+ VIP theatre. I’ve mentioned it in this blog before because I am a huge fan! Basically you get to sit in a large, comfy leather seat. Seating is reserved so you don’t have to stand in any pesky lines (perfect for those big popular summer blockbusters). Then, when you get to your seat a waiter will come and take your order of fancy theatre treats like steak sandwiches and the drink of your choice. You can opt for the typical soda choice, or if you have a designated driver try out one of their cosmos or good ol’ Canadian beers.  Right now there is a pretty good diversity of films out. Check out “Water for Elephants”, “Hanna”, “Scream 4”, or “Source Code.”

For an extensive list of the parties and events going on this weekend check out She Does the City

If you're looking for a little fun Casa Loma's Egg hunt is always a favourite. Treats and a giant beautiful castle, could you ask for much more?

Friday, April 15, 2011

They Just Click!

Today’s blog is all about being charming. But not “bat your eye-lashes at your cute neighbor” charming. Charming as in charm bands! But these aren’t your normal charm bands! They’re colourful, adaptable, and a whole lot of fun!

If you know anyone from the ages of 5 to 17 you may have heard about this years craze “Silly Bandz.” These fun shaped rubber bands were all the rage in school yards across North America. Kids would collect whole shoeboxes of them and then trade them with each other. MOGO charm bands are the new Silly Bandz! I have to admit, I never really got the Silly Bandz craze. But I totally get this craze! MOGO charm bands come in a variety of colours for every personality. There are dozens of charms to collect and they’re all fairly priced so you can collect them all! They make great birthday presents (there’s even a birthday charm), friendship gifts, or even Easter gifts.

And I’m not the only one who loves them. Celebs are grabbing them left and right for themselves and their kids. Though the bracelets are great for young girls they are also a fun accessory for adults! Jennifer Garner, Jessica Alba, Angelina Jolie’s kids have been sporting these charming bracelets and so have Taylor Swift, and Miley Cyrus.

Wait, did I say bracelet? It would probably be more appropriate to call it an all-in-one accessory. They’re made so you can link them together and turn them into necklaces, belts, headbands, and anklets. So you can change the length, switch around the charms, and make it into a completely new accessory each day! This is a great way to encourage creativity in young girls. Get them to express themselves through their charms and let their unique selves shine!

I always love a product with story. Then your bracelet becomes more then just a bracelet! The MOGO accessory line was inspired by the founder’s love for horses. MOGO supports a new shelter animal each month. The animal receives special veterinarian care, lots of love, and is then found a special home. If you’re buying one of these bracelets for a young girl don’t be afraid to share this with them! Let them know that they’re helping to make a difference in an animal’s life.

For a fun Easter surprise why not wrap each charm individually and hide them around the house in plastic eggs. Then hide the charm bracelet last. Watch her search around the house gathering up all her stylish treats! Maybe even give her a clue like “What do T-Swift, Miley Cyrus, and Angelina Jolie have in common?”

MOGO charm accessories click just like you do with your best friends! A perfect combo of fun and style that will make your life a little brighter!

Did you wear charm bracelets when you were younger? I remember my favorite one was this silver and pink ballet shoe charm I got for my birthday. I wore it every day for a long time!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Easter Surprises and Treats Galore!

Easter has really crept up on us fast this year! As a child, Easter was always one of my favorite holidays. I loved the thrill of running around the house searching for hidden sugary surprises. Sometimes my parents would even sneak in a few bigger treats like new shirts or toys. I would squeal in delight any time I would find a treat and would proudly show it off to my brother (of course it was always a competition for who could find the most treats). While I may be a little too old to join the Easter Egg hunt myself, it does not mean that I can’t re-live my Easter memories through younger relatives. Every time I carefully hide a chocolate filled plastic egg, I consider whether my childhood self would have been able to find that egg. And when I watch my young relatives search desperately for eggs it takes a great deal of effort for me not to join the hunt myself!

Some great ideas for small treats to hide are:
  •  Chocolates (obviously!)
  •  Kid-friendly Jewelry (for the little fashionista)
  •  iTunes gift cards: a perfect practical gift for the tech-savvy kid. Package it creatively to add a little  extra pizzazz.
  •  Stuffed animals: What kid doesn’t love a new cuddly friend!
  •  Moni Poni: This small fun hair accessory is great for young girls. It prevents their hair from getting tangled like in traditional hair elastics. The bright colours and shapes will make this stylish accessory a staple in any girl’s wardrobe.

Of course, Easter is also a time for family. I am part Greek, and Greek Easter was definitely always a memorable experience. My favorite part was when, in Greek tradition, we would hold egg cracking competitions. This is a great activity (whether you’re Greek or not!). All you need is a bowl full of hardboiled eggs (these can be coloured with paint or dye). Two people arm themselves with an egg, line the ends of the eggs together and then tap them together. The first person whose egg cracks loses. It sounds pretty simple, but I remember how much joy it brought my family. You'd be surprised how difficult it was the crack those eggs! 

Some fun Easter Craft Ideas:
  •  Make a pair of paper bunny ears
  • Make Easter Bunny sock puppets. Let the kid express themselves creatively by enacting Easter-themed puppet shows.
  •  Paint Easter eggs to look like favorite kid TV show characters. Nothing better than egg painting, Hannah Montana style.
  • Make and decorate small Easter baskets filled with treats. These can be handed out to neighbors to help brighten their Easter. Share the Easter fun with others and the holiday will be even more memorable for you!
  •  I love this creative and delicious bunny themed treat. All you need is crackers, carrots, cream cheese, and pretzels. 

image courtesy of Kaboose

  •  These cute home-made Jelly Bean Chicks are a great gift for teachers, babysitters, neighbors, or friends. 

image courtesy of Kaboose

What are your favourite Easter memories? Do you have any craft suggestions?

Friday, April 8, 2011

What are your purse must-haves?

Today it’s all about one of my favorite accessories: the handbag. We usually focus on the outside of the bag but today we’re going to flip things around a bit and look at what should be inside the bag!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve reached into my purse, needing an essential and discovered I had forgotten it. If only Marry Poppins would lend me her purse for a few days. I could pack a whole bedroom worth of essentials!
But of course (and unfortunately) Mary Poppins is a fictional character, and so is her bag. So for me, its really important to items to include in my purse that are multi functional and of course stylish!

Here’s my list of purse essentials. I rarely leave the house without arming myself with most of these items:

-       A Pen/small notebook
-       A hair elastic
-       A compact: After sitting in an office all day you may feel like your hair or makeup is in need of a touchup. Pack a small compact so you won’t have to try to check out your reflection in your computer screen or your phone (its not easy!). The UNII compact is a newly hooked product from Orangefish that has a magnetic bottom half so you can store any combination of eyeshadow/blush/foundation pans in the compact. Now you can do your makeup touches hassle-free. My favorite part is you can fit in pans from a variety of brands so you aren’t stuck using a single brand. Makeup clutter is history!
-       Lip Gloss/Balm: This is a definite essential for any gal’s purse. You never know when you’re going to run into that cute co-worker, or have a last minute dinner date. Whether you’re wearing makeup or not lip gloss can instantly freshen your face and bring attention to your mouth (and all the interesting stuff you’re talking about). I love the DaLish lip gloss or 3 awesome reasons. 1, it is multifunctional. Each gloss comes with two colours: one for night and one for day. Can you say convenient and practical! 2, the lip gloss and all other DaLish products are 100% animal cruelty free! You’d be surprised as to how difficult it is in your drugstore to find cruelty-free beauty products. 3, the quality and colours are simple gorgeous. Make your lips your best accessory! It’s also always a good idea to have some lip balm in your purse. In the winter, when your lips are chapped, they’ll thank you for a little relief. Then, in the summer, make sure your balm has SPF 20 to make sure you protect them from the hot sun. The Ballmania lip balm is great for your lips and comes in a fun shape and a variety of stylish patterns.
-       Business Card Case: It is always a good idea to carry a few of your business cards because you never know who you might run into! But why not make an extra special impression by pulling your card out of a stylish business card case. These glam ones are my favorite and I love that you can coordinate them with other purse accessories. You can match them to a tampon case (to save you from an embarrassing moment), a purse hanger (to keep your purse off dirty floors), and a USB stick (an essential in our computer driven world).
-       Keys: Well this might seem like an obvious essential. But, we’ve all experienced that panic stricken moment where we thought we lost our keys. Then, we end up finding them buried in the corner of your purse. The key charm is a great stylish solution that keeps your keys near the top of your purse and also works as an accessory.
-       An iPod/MP3: An essential to make long bus or subway rides a bit more enjoyable. Add a pair of Chic Buds Earphones to bring a little extra style to your listening device. The Swarovski crystals give off just the right amount of sparkle!
-       A granola bar (you never know when you’ll get hungry!)
-       A wallet
-       Gum (just in case your decide to get the garlic cream cheese on your morning bagel)

What is the item you just HAVE to have in your purse?


Friday, April 1, 2011

Stylish New Goodies!

Ladies and Gentlemen. Fasten your desk chair seatbelts! Grab a few snacks, get your kids ready for their nap, and get ready to shop! Orangefish has hooked a huge load of awesome new goodies! Check out the sale and just hooked pages to make sure you don’t miss out on some fab deals!

There’s so much I’m not sure what to start with!
 I have to talk about the newest colors available in one of my favorite products. The retro-chic floral cosmetic bag is now available in blue, white, and green! Plus, all our other colours are back in stock! I absolutely love this bag. It’s a handy and stylish solution to organizing your makeup and hair accessories when traveling, going to the gym, or just hanging out in your house. But of course, you can get creative and use it for more than just cosmetics. It makes a great case to hold pens and small office essentials. Who knew a pile of pens and paperclips could look so cute!

Need some new jewelry to add to your collection? Our wish bone, star, heart, and fortune cookie shaped sterling silver necklaces are back! Use them to accessorize any outfit and become an insta-fashionista! The reasonable price point also makes them a great option for gifts for your friends. Wrap up the fortune cookie necklace with a real fortune cookie in a patterned chine takeout box style gift container. Add some cute quotes about the future and give it as a grad present when high school and college grads come around in June. Give the new grad that extra boost of luck to help them prepare for their future!

If you haven’t checked out the Fumi Purse Hook yet, you’re missing out! This stylish and practical gadget is a purse hanger, bracelet, and purse accessory all in one! And now it’s available in a bunch of new colours: luxurious white, outrageous pink, red, turquoise, and coral. Grab one in your fav colour and get your purse off of dirty floors and looking stylish!

If you love the interchangeable marble ring and earrings you’ll love the whopper necklace. Its large size and brightly coloured marbles make this necklace a great attention-grabbing piece. You’re sure to make a statement and maybe cause a few double takes! So throw on your cutest little black dress and the whopper necklace with your favorite marble colour and get ready to chat up a storm with the cute waiter at that new restaurant or surprise your significant other and wear it out on a special date. The great thing is you can dress it up or dress it down, and no matter what you’ll look amazing!

And if you’re already eyeing some pieces we’ve had on the site for a while, make sure to check out the sale page! We have a ton of fab jewelry going on sale this weekend. I would list it all but we would be here forever! 

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