Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Gimme A Hero

The Green Lantern, Transformers, Thor, Captain America, X-Men. What do they have in common? They all feature Superheroes! It must be the summer of heroes, because all these films are being released in theatres within a matter of 3 months.

So you’d think that it would be men flocking to the theatres to enjoy 2 hours of explosions, fight sequences, and general non-stop action. But men aren’t the only ones who can enjoy a good ol’ superhero flick. You can’t forget the eye candy! Fit Hollywood hotties fighting to protect the innocent is the new modern day knights tale. Just look at who stars as this summer’s heroes: Ryan Reynolds (Need I say more. If you need confirmation, watch Blade Trinity), James McAvoy (loved him in Wanted and Atonement), and Chris Evans. These masked heroes can melt a gals heart in a matter of seconds.

So why is it that so many of us ladies seem to fall head over heels for them? I asked a few of my friends for their opinions and here’s what I learned. The fact that the heroes are usually disguised only ups their attractiveness level. This is because they work hard to protect citizens without needing to take credit. They’re humble, sweet, and down to Earth. When in Iron Man 2 Robert Downey Jr’s identity is exposed, he seemed to become much more arrogant, and his hotness level plummeted. The mask also adds a layer of mystery. The audience is invited to learn the identity of the hero, while the rest of the characters are left in the dark. We then become part of their mysterious life, and this can definitely be attractive to many women.

And then of course, there’s always the knight in shining armor. From Disney movies, to fairytales, to storybooks, the knight saves the princess story has been presented to us in an endless number of forms. Maybe it’s a longing for the lost days of chivalrous males who open doors, politely but passionate court us (cat calls do not count), and look out for the well being of others. Its not to say these men don’t exist now, but the superheroes in films seem to emobody all the qualities we long for in our real lives. Though of course, we’d never really want to date Batman or Superman. I mean, Batman is always getting arrested, and if you’ve seen any Spiderman movie you’ll know that Mary Jane almost gets killed 10 times each movie because of her relationship with Peter Parker/Spiderman.  So maybe things are not so glamorous after all. Things clearly aren’t perfect in paradise. Batman clearly has a pretty bad temper, Peter Parker embraces his dark side in Spiderman 3, in X-Men people are constantly betraying each other or fighting over their relationships. So even superheroes aren’t perfect! Maybe we’re just so eager to overlook all masked men’s faults in order to believe in the existence of perfection, romance, and imagination?

What do you guys think? Do you find yourself attracted to superheroes?

Just for fun here's the trailer for X-Men First Class. Opera music makes everything more epic. 

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Super Zeroes to the Rescue!

Kids grow up surrounded by images are perfect, indestructible heroes like Superman, Batman, and Spiderman. But normal people aren’t perfect! We all have our own flaws and our kids should have heroes to look up to that have flaws too!

Super Zeroes is a unique line of stuffed toys for children. They’re bright, colourful, whimsical, and super fun! Super Zeroes are just like you and me. They have all have a super strength like climbing, but there’s a small problem… They also all have a flaw or fear that can sometimes get in the way! Just like us, they have to find ways and work with their friends for their super strengths to shine.

Each Super Zero comes with a cape that turns into a comforter for your little one and a pouch attached to their utility belt that can hold a pacifier and keep it clean. You can even put a cute note in the pouch to put a smile on your child’s face!

These little guys will be special friends for your child and will teach them to embrace their unique selves, flaws and all!

Meet the Super Zero squad:

Zonk the Monkey is a super climber. He can climb any tree, building, or vine in record time. But unfortunately Zonk is afraid of heights! When he gets near the top of a tree his knees go weak and he has to scurry back down to solid ground.

Zigg the Tiger has awesome creative ideas, you could even say he has Super ideas! But Zigg also has a bad memory, and tends to forget these ideas! Thank goodness his friends are always around to remind him.

Zipo the Hippo can swim super fast. Michael Phelps had better watch out, Zipo is the favorite contender for the next Olympics. But Zipo hates getting wet. Maybe that’s why he swims so fast!

Zebu the Zebra is the hide and seek champion. But he always seems to get lost! Thank goodness his friend Zipo bought him a GPS for his birthday!

Zozo the Crocodile can chew through anything. But his teeth are always dirty and he has to visit the dentist often. His toothbrush is kept very busy!

Zaza the Mouse can crawl through super small spaces. But like many people, Zaza is afraid of the dark! Zonk helped her out and bought her a special flashlight so she won’t be afraid anymore.

Zola the Koala can stay awake all night but she falls asleep during the day and her friends have to keep waking her up!

Grab one of these special toys for your little one today from Orangefish.ca

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Have Fun, Get Fit!

The weather is getting hotter, the beaches are filling up, and the clothes are getting smaller. It must be summer time! As you start shopping for cute new summer dresses, checking out this season’s trendy rompers, and visiting the swimsuit section of your favorite store, you may begin to feel like its time to ramp up your fitness routine. It’s not just about fitting into those tight white jean capris, but feeling great about yourself inside and out!

Revitalizing your workouts can make a huge difference in your overall energy levels. It can increase your endorphin levels and add a surprising extra spring in your step!

Sometimes though, the gym can be a bit intimidating. You walk in, don’t know anyone, don’t know how to use the machines, are afraid of looking silly next to the guy bench pressing 250, etc. We’ve all felt the same emotions, so don’t worry you’re not alone! But the gym is so last season! So many people feel the same way about the gym that bootcamps have been popping up all over the city. Bootcamps take the pressure off and not only help you tone up and drop a few inches, but also are a great opportunity to meet fab people in your area.

One of my fav bootcamps is FIT CHICKS. They’re a women’s only bootcamp that makes working out fun and effective! FIT CHICKS offers a variety of indoor and outdoor fitness boot camp programs for women designed to dramatically change the way you look and feel. Even our very own founder, Janet is a FIT CHICK herself! She loved how the program motivated her to get active!

They run 4 week and 8 week sessions so you can pick the one that suits you best. You’ll meet some great women, learn fab tips to get you feeling your best, and before you know it you’ll be rocking that polka dot bikini, or pair of white jeans.

And just to sweeten the deal a bit, Orangefish has teamed up with FIT CHICKS and have great offer for you! Just for being a fan of Orangefish you’ll get $40 off any 8 week FIT CHICKS Bootcamp in June/July. There are Over 20 locations across Canada, so pick the one in your ‘hood. To receive our discount enter Coupon Code - Orangefish

For more details visit http://www.fitchicks.ca/
And just for fun, my new fav healthy eating tip:
If you’re craving chocolate pudding, pop a frozen banana or two in the blender. Add a sprinkle of cocoa powder, and voila! Chocolate dessert! I tried this out for fun and was surprised how deliciously sweet it was and how the texture was so similar to pudding without all the extra additives. As Rachel Ray would say, Yum-Oh!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Bringing Comfort to the Cottage

You’re snuggling up on the front porch at your cottage and you catch a light breeze from the lake. Cottage weather is notoriously unpredictable. You can be rocking shorts and a bathing suit during the day, and then find yourself in a sweater at night.

Nothing is better than a nice warm snuggle in front of the fire with your family or significant other. Only one thing could make this better (other than smores): a cuddly and soft blanket. Grab a Chappy Wrap and feel its comforting embrace. Coming all the way from Germany, this high quality collection of blankets brings European warmth and style to Canadian cottages. Calming, warm, and luxurious Chappy Wraps are 60% cotton to provide extra fluffiness, 33% acrylic and 7% polyester to prevent shrinkage and pilling. Every blanket is available in 60"x 80", large enough to use as a bed blanket or as a generous throw.  Reversible, machine washable, and extremely durable, Chappy Wraps are sure to become your everyday blankets...for life.

Orangefish has hooked a large selection of Chappy Wraps so you can pick the colour and design that fit your family’s personality:

Are you all sports fans and enjoy playing competitive games of beach volleyball and soccer? If so, check out the sports themed blankets that feature baseball, football, and soccer motifs. You’ll be reminded of all your favourite family sports game memories every time you wrap yourself in the blanket.
Does man’s best friend come with you to the cottage? Or are your family members cat people? The animal themed Chappy Wraps pay respect to your furry little friends and all the warmth they bring into your life.
You can get a different Chappy Wrap for everyone in the family! The light pink counting sheep Chappy Wrap is perfect for the toddler or new baby in the family. It will make sure they stay safe and warm even on chilly nights at the cottage. For the teen girls, we’ve hooked Chappy Wraps with fun floral designs in bright colours so they can keep cozy in style. For the Dad who can’t get enough of Tim Hortons commercials and hockey there are Canadian themed wraps with Canadian colours and motifs. And for mom there’s a gorgeous blue floral blanket that is just calling her name!

Whatever your style or personality there’s a Chappy Wrap for everyone! Cuddle up in the cozy sensation that took over Germany!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Long Weekend Survival Guide!

Just in time for the slight gas price decrease, the long weekend is here! May Two-Four, also known as “open the cottage weekend”, is the perfect way to kick off the summer! If you’re form the GTA, it looks like our recent rainy streak might just clear up in time for you to hit the cottage and try out your boat, hammock, or bbq.

Here’s my guide to surviving the long weekend:

Of course, I couldn’t help but start with this. Sure, for many May 24 is about relaxing, catching some rays, sipping a corona, and eating a healthy dose of bbq chicken. But who says comfy and casual can’t be stylish too! First, you don’t have to wear heels to be stylish. Comfort comes first! So pack a cute pair of flats or sandals if the weather is warm enough. Throw in your fav pair of blue jeans, a comfy tee, a cute jacket, some simple stud earrings, and you’re ready! Keep it simple and chic!

Food and Drink:

Lots of grilling, salads, and easy to make summer foods make up the perfect spread for the long weekend. Who wants to stay inside cooped up by the stove when you could be enjoying the sunshine.

I found this amazing BLT salad recipe that is super simple and extra delish. So why not turn your fav sandwich into your fav salad!
All you need is:
                12 ounces corkscrew-shaped pasta
                1/2 cup milk
                12 ounces lean bacon
                3 medium ripe tomatoes, cut into chunks
                1 tablespoon chopped fresh thyme
                1 clove garlic, minced
                Kosher salt and freshly ground pepper
                1/2 cup mayonnaise
                1/4 cup sour cream
                4 tablespoons chopped chives or scallion greens
                5 heads Bibb lettuce, quartered, or 5 cups chopped romaine hearts

To cook, basically cook the pasta, cook the bacon, and mix everything together! This is a nice treat for a fun weekend!

Of course there’s the usual bbq meat. By I also love putting a twist on typical grill fare. I love to throw some fish on the barby for a healthy and delicious alternative. Bobby Flay makes a great fish taco recipe that is fun for the whole family. Everyone gets to customize their own taco with their fav toppings! I like a little guac, coleslaw, tomatoes, lime, and chipotle mayo on mine.

For drinks, you can’t really beat a cold corona and lime on a nice spring weekend. But if you’re not a beer person, there’s always a refreshing mojito, or even a Belini. For Belinis just puree your favorite fruit with ice in a blender. Add a tiny bit of sugar and a good helping of champagne. Easy, but oh so good.

Finally, there’s entertainment.
Volleyball, badminton, frisbee football, boating, fishing, and poker are all great ways to get the whole gang involved and having fun. Another great game, and one of my personal favs is a drawing game. This is how it works:

  1. everyone gets a piece of paper and a pen.
  2. Each person writes down a random phrase on the top of their piece of paper and then passes it to the person on their left
  3. That person then tries to draw something that describes that phrase
  4. Then  they fold over the top part of the paper so it covers the phrase but still shows the drawing. They pass the paper to the person on their left
  5. That person then tries to write a phrase that describes the drawing they see. Then they fold over the top so it covers the drawing. Pass it to the left
  6. And so it continues until the whole paper is filled (so write/draw pretty small!)
 This game is sure to get some laughter going!

What are your plans for the long weekend? Are you heading to the cottage? Enjoying your time off chilling at home?

Friday, May 13, 2011

Introducing...The Fashionista's Flair Sale!

Is last year’s summer wardrobe in need of a major style overhaul? Last seasons duds might be dull, off trend, or maybe you’re just looking for something new to spice things up. Whatever your reason, it always seems that around spring and summer we all seem to catch the shopping bug. While picking out, styling, and wearing your new finds may be fun, every once and a while the annoying little detail of budget seems to pop up and suck all the fun out of shopping sprees. Here’s where Orangefish steps in; from May 13-20 we’re running the fashionista’s flair sale. Now you can get all the style without the buyer’s remorse! There’s no reason to feel guilty because all the products are up to 50% off!

Jewelry is the perfect way to revitalize any outfit. Put on a brightly coloured statement necklace and take a simple t-shirt jean combo from drab to fab instantly! Kim Drosdick, a talented Canadian jewelry designer creates necklaces and bracelets that are the perfect combination of natural stones and chic silver accents.

IMOOI takes inspiration from the style savvy residents of NYC, where the business is located. Their accessories are a unique mix of sophistication and fun. So you can wear the necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings to the office, and then out on a hot date later.
NYC company Lazuli designs must-have pieces for the fashionista who loves the spotlight. Lazuli accessories are bright, bold, and beautiful just like the women who sport them.
 Whether we’re grocery shopping, having a girl’s night out, or heading to the office, our handbags come with us. If you love the FUMI pursehook you’ll love their new line of colourful handbags. The stylish design is available in a rainbow of corals, teals, pinks, and neutrals to match any outfit and occasion.
Eco-friendly is a hot trend right now. And any socially and environmentally conscious trend is a good one! Lyzzi has designed a series of unique bags made from old event banners. So now the rock and roll lover can sport a tote bag made from a concert banner. You won’t find these unique accessories in your typical department store! Lyzzi has also created re-usable gift-wrap so the gifts you give can be as stylish as you are!
 You may already know about Damn Heels, the product that saves women everywhere from their painful heels after a long night out. But now, not only are we offering them in chic black patent but also in silver and gold! To match all your outfits! The metallic ones would make a fab bridesmaid gift for the end of the wedding their feet are nearly numb from all that dancing!
 Head to Orangefish.ca from May 13-20 to grab these amazing deals before they’re gone!

Friday, May 6, 2011

A Gift for Every Mom!

There’s a million different types of moms in the world. So consequently there’s a million different kinds of mother’s day gifts. Mother’s day is that special day every year we set aside to look back at how awesome the mothers in our lives have been to us. Whether that’s a grandmother, mom, guardian, god mom, or step mom they all deserve a little extra love! (since they’ve given us so much!) While the day shouldn’t be about fancy gifts, it doesn’t mean that you can’t present them with a small token of appreciation for all their love and hard work. Pick one of your favorite qualities they posses and feature it in a thoughtful gift. Or, if your mom loves a good laugh, poke a little fun and make her smile. Don’t be afraid to get creative! It shows how much thought went into it! Once your gift is chosen, wrap it up nice, take some time to write a card from the heart, present it to her, and be prepared to make her day!

Here are some fun gift suggestions. Do any of these describe your mom?

I’m the Boss Mom
Is your mom the boss in your household or does she try to be?  Does she always have a plan?  This is a fun journal that is sure to bring a smile to a fun loving mom that likes a good laugh. These notebooks are a whimsical concoction of sentimentality mixed with a hint of cleverness and humour.

Teatime Mom
Does your mom enjoy a good cup of tea?  Then Audrey paired with a fresh bag of tea leaves is a perfect gift for her.  Audrey is just the right size for a single serving.  She makes having a cup of tea anytime of day a delightful experience. 
Text Addict Mom
Is your mom always bbming, instant messaging or texting? These tumblers are the perfect way to send her a message in a language she understands.
 Retro Mom
Is your mom a blast from the past?  Hook her up with this fun, and funky bag that has enough flower power to brighten any dull morning. Designed using old-fashioned swimmers caps, these cosmetic bags are the perfect mix of nostalgia and fashion! The best part is they’re designed from 100% waterproof materials so you can clean it off with a wipe or two.
 Sparkle & Found Mom
Is your mother always misplacing her keys?  The key finder charm is the perfect solution and it adds a little bling to your bag! Attach your keys to the magnet on the inside of your purse and voila – no more digging for lost keys.  Now you just have to remind her to put them in her purse.
Charming Mom
Is your mother charming?  Charm necklaces are back and have become one of this season's hottest items.  This personalized sterling silver necklace with Swarovski Crystals is the perfect gift for Mother’s Day.
Thoughtful Mom
Is your mother thoughtful?  Sometimes the smallest things can mean the most. With these notes you can tell your mom why they are the best mom in the world.  Put them under their pillow, in their work bag, or tuck in a suitcase before they go on a trip. It’s sure to make them smile and appreciate all the love in their life.
Sparkling Mom
Is your mother simple, classic and elegant but likes to sparkle sometimes? These earring can be dressed up or down.  A fab item to add some sparkle to her day.
Golden Heart Mom
Does your mom have the biggest heart in the world?  This is the perfect gift for the Mom that loves to share and express her feelings of love and compassion with each individual and the world.
Marbles Mom
Has your mother lost her marbles – get her some new prettier ones!  This simple and elegant sterling silver ring wraps around your finger to present the marble.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tools for the Indecisive Fashionista

I’m chronically indecisive. Put two gorgeous dresses in front of me and I might sit there for hours debating which one I prefer. Not to mention, it’s sometimes difficult to buy something without truly knowing if it will match anything in your wardrobe. One time I bought this gorgeous hand dyed silk scarf from an art fair. In my mind, it was the perfect purchase. It was unique, brightly coloured, and totally fun. But alas, I came home and couldn’t, for the life of me, decide what to pair it with besides a white t-shirt. It’s moments like this when the internet can really come in handy! There are moments (like when Friday took over Facebook and just about any other social networking site) when the Internet can be frustrating. But when it comes to styling outfits, or getting advice from a third party when you best friends aren’t around, the Internet really is a godsend!

Here are my absolute favorite online fashion tools:

This awesome website basically works as an online dressing room. You know when you’re shopping by yourself and are desperately looking around for someone to give you a second opinion? Or worse, when you ask your best guy friend or brother if they like your outfit and they respond “its nice” to pretty much everything you put on. Here’s the rundown on “Go try it on”: Users post images of themselves in an outfit they need help styling. For example, lets say I had this important work function and I had found the perfect dress but couldn’t decide what colour accessories to go with, I could post a picture of myself wearing the outfit (no face shots required if you’re worried about privacy), and dozens of other users could look at my outfit and help me out! Or, if I’ve picked out two pairs of shorts and can’t decide what pair I like better, I can simply ask other users and they’ll help me overcome my inability to decide. It’s like a fashionista sharing circle!

Oh Polyvore. You have helped me so many times. If you’ve read this blog before, you may have run across some of my Polyvore creations. Brands and users upload their products to Polyvore. Then, you can search through all the products by category (bags, coats, shoes, etc), and compile a whole outfit. It’s a great way to test what might go well with that unique piece in your closet. I’ve also used it before to help pre-shop. Last summer when I was having the worst time looking for a swimsuit, I hit Polyvore to find the perfect suit. You can search by colour too which is so convenient.
If you’re curious you can check out my Polyvore here

For a little fashion inspiration I like to turn to Chictopia and Lookbook. There are some seriously fashionable people around the world

What is your favorite online fashion tool? Feel free to share your fashionista secrets!

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