Friday, May 20, 2011

Bringing Comfort to the Cottage

You’re snuggling up on the front porch at your cottage and you catch a light breeze from the lake. Cottage weather is notoriously unpredictable. You can be rocking shorts and a bathing suit during the day, and then find yourself in a sweater at night.

Nothing is better than a nice warm snuggle in front of the fire with your family or significant other. Only one thing could make this better (other than smores): a cuddly and soft blanket. Grab a Chappy Wrap and feel its comforting embrace. Coming all the way from Germany, this high quality collection of blankets brings European warmth and style to Canadian cottages. Calming, warm, and luxurious Chappy Wraps are 60% cotton to provide extra fluffiness, 33% acrylic and 7% polyester to prevent shrinkage and pilling. Every blanket is available in 60"x 80", large enough to use as a bed blanket or as a generous throw.  Reversible, machine washable, and extremely durable, Chappy Wraps are sure to become your everyday blankets...for life.

Orangefish has hooked a large selection of Chappy Wraps so you can pick the colour and design that fit your family’s personality:

Are you all sports fans and enjoy playing competitive games of beach volleyball and soccer? If so, check out the sports themed blankets that feature baseball, football, and soccer motifs. You’ll be reminded of all your favourite family sports game memories every time you wrap yourself in the blanket.
Does man’s best friend come with you to the cottage? Or are your family members cat people? The animal themed Chappy Wraps pay respect to your furry little friends and all the warmth they bring into your life.
You can get a different Chappy Wrap for everyone in the family! The light pink counting sheep Chappy Wrap is perfect for the toddler or new baby in the family. It will make sure they stay safe and warm even on chilly nights at the cottage. For the teen girls, we’ve hooked Chappy Wraps with fun floral designs in bright colours so they can keep cozy in style. For the Dad who can’t get enough of Tim Hortons commercials and hockey there are Canadian themed wraps with Canadian colours and motifs. And for mom there’s a gorgeous blue floral blanket that is just calling her name!

Whatever your style or personality there’s a Chappy Wrap for everyone! Cuddle up in the cozy sensation that took over Germany!

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