Friday, May 6, 2011

A Gift for Every Mom!

There’s a million different types of moms in the world. So consequently there’s a million different kinds of mother’s day gifts. Mother’s day is that special day every year we set aside to look back at how awesome the mothers in our lives have been to us. Whether that’s a grandmother, mom, guardian, god mom, or step mom they all deserve a little extra love! (since they’ve given us so much!) While the day shouldn’t be about fancy gifts, it doesn’t mean that you can’t present them with a small token of appreciation for all their love and hard work. Pick one of your favorite qualities they posses and feature it in a thoughtful gift. Or, if your mom loves a good laugh, poke a little fun and make her smile. Don’t be afraid to get creative! It shows how much thought went into it! Once your gift is chosen, wrap it up nice, take some time to write a card from the heart, present it to her, and be prepared to make her day!

Here are some fun gift suggestions. Do any of these describe your mom?

I’m the Boss Mom
Is your mom the boss in your household or does she try to be?  Does she always have a plan?  This is a fun journal that is sure to bring a smile to a fun loving mom that likes a good laugh. These notebooks are a whimsical concoction of sentimentality mixed with a hint of cleverness and humour.

Teatime Mom
Does your mom enjoy a good cup of tea?  Then Audrey paired with a fresh bag of tea leaves is a perfect gift for her.  Audrey is just the right size for a single serving.  She makes having a cup of tea anytime of day a delightful experience. 
Text Addict Mom
Is your mom always bbming, instant messaging or texting? These tumblers are the perfect way to send her a message in a language she understands.
 Retro Mom
Is your mom a blast from the past?  Hook her up with this fun, and funky bag that has enough flower power to brighten any dull morning. Designed using old-fashioned swimmers caps, these cosmetic bags are the perfect mix of nostalgia and fashion! The best part is they’re designed from 100% waterproof materials so you can clean it off with a wipe or two.
 Sparkle & Found Mom
Is your mother always misplacing her keys?  The key finder charm is the perfect solution and it adds a little bling to your bag! Attach your keys to the magnet on the inside of your purse and voila – no more digging for lost keys.  Now you just have to remind her to put them in her purse.
Charming Mom
Is your mother charming?  Charm necklaces are back and have become one of this season's hottest items.  This personalized sterling silver necklace with Swarovski Crystals is the perfect gift for Mother’s Day.
Thoughtful Mom
Is your mother thoughtful?  Sometimes the smallest things can mean the most. With these notes you can tell your mom why they are the best mom in the world.  Put them under their pillow, in their work bag, or tuck in a suitcase before they go on a trip. It’s sure to make them smile and appreciate all the love in their life.
Sparkling Mom
Is your mother simple, classic and elegant but likes to sparkle sometimes? These earring can be dressed up or down.  A fab item to add some sparkle to her day.
Golden Heart Mom
Does your mom have the biggest heart in the world?  This is the perfect gift for the Mom that loves to share and express her feelings of love and compassion with each individual and the world.
Marbles Mom
Has your mother lost her marbles – get her some new prettier ones!  This simple and elegant sterling silver ring wraps around your finger to present the marble.


  1. The charm necklace is so pretty! Great gift ideas :)

  2. The boss mom notebook would be perfect! My mom would love that :-)

  3. I love how colourful the notebooks are! I have the "I'm going to change the world and this is my plan" one and I adore it :)


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