Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tools for the Indecisive Fashionista

I’m chronically indecisive. Put two gorgeous dresses in front of me and I might sit there for hours debating which one I prefer. Not to mention, it’s sometimes difficult to buy something without truly knowing if it will match anything in your wardrobe. One time I bought this gorgeous hand dyed silk scarf from an art fair. In my mind, it was the perfect purchase. It was unique, brightly coloured, and totally fun. But alas, I came home and couldn’t, for the life of me, decide what to pair it with besides a white t-shirt. It’s moments like this when the internet can really come in handy! There are moments (like when Friday took over Facebook and just about any other social networking site) when the Internet can be frustrating. But when it comes to styling outfits, or getting advice from a third party when you best friends aren’t around, the Internet really is a godsend!

Here are my absolute favorite online fashion tools:

This awesome website basically works as an online dressing room. You know when you’re shopping by yourself and are desperately looking around for someone to give you a second opinion? Or worse, when you ask your best guy friend or brother if they like your outfit and they respond “its nice” to pretty much everything you put on. Here’s the rundown on “Go try it on”: Users post images of themselves in an outfit they need help styling. For example, lets say I had this important work function and I had found the perfect dress but couldn’t decide what colour accessories to go with, I could post a picture of myself wearing the outfit (no face shots required if you’re worried about privacy), and dozens of other users could look at my outfit and help me out! Or, if I’ve picked out two pairs of shorts and can’t decide what pair I like better, I can simply ask other users and they’ll help me overcome my inability to decide. It’s like a fashionista sharing circle!

Oh Polyvore. You have helped me so many times. If you’ve read this blog before, you may have run across some of my Polyvore creations. Brands and users upload their products to Polyvore. Then, you can search through all the products by category (bags, coats, shoes, etc), and compile a whole outfit. It’s a great way to test what might go well with that unique piece in your closet. I’ve also used it before to help pre-shop. Last summer when I was having the worst time looking for a swimsuit, I hit Polyvore to find the perfect suit. You can search by colour too which is so convenient.
If you’re curious you can check out my Polyvore here

For a little fashion inspiration I like to turn to Chictopia and Lookbook. There are some seriously fashionable people around the world

What is your favorite online fashion tool? Feel free to share your fashionista secrets!

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