Friday, April 29, 2011

Accessories Fit for a Princess!

With the royal wedding everywhere these days you may find yourself drooling over all the extravagance. The flowers, jewels, and fancy dresses are enough to make any gal jealous. People have been camped out for the last two days in the streets just hoping to catch a glimpse of the prince and his princess. Maybe its all those fairytales we read when we’re young, but it seems that many of us have secret fantasies of one day meeting a prince (Harry’s still single after all!), or discovering that we’re actually related to a member of the royal family (I blame the princess diaries movies for that one). But as I’ve seen after watching hours of royal specials, being a princess isn’t quite as glamorous as it seems.  I’d rather have the extravagance minus the hounding paparazzi and royal scandals. Just because I can’t deal out for an 18 Carat ring, doesn’t mean I can’t have my own little piece of luxury. So Orangefish has hooked this new collection at just the right time! Its luxury on a budget! The swarovski studded pens, business cases, usb sticks, and compacts are fit for a princess (without the royal price).

A princess has a lot of signatures to sign on very important royal documents. So she, of course, needs a gorgeous pen, worthy of a princess. This swarovski-encrusted pen is for princesses and fashionistas alike. Just because you aren’t marrying Prince William doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a gorgeous sparkly accessory! And it’s totally practical too! It writes incredibly smoothly so you can get all your important paperwork done in record time!

Your computer files are a treasure. So don’t they deserve to be wrapped in over 100 luxurious swarovski crystals? Not only is this stick practical, and will hold 1GB of your golden files, but it’s also a sparkly accessory for the tech-savvy generation.

I wonder what a princess’s business card case would look like? Probably like this one! This swarovski-studded case is the perfect home for all your business cards. So next time you reach into your purse to whip one out for a future client (or date), don’t be afraid to flash your stylish case. Let your sparkling personality shine!

Every prince needs a USB stick worthy of holding all his important royal computer files. This metallic USB stick matches the sheen on a royal crown. The fun shape is a great deviation from traditional boring USB sticks. So whether you’re a prince, a student, a businessman, or a #1 dad, this USB stick is a great addition to your office!

Did you watch the royal wedding? What did you think? Was it too extravagant, too modern, too traditional? 

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