Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Easter Surprises and Treats Galore!

Easter has really crept up on us fast this year! As a child, Easter was always one of my favorite holidays. I loved the thrill of running around the house searching for hidden sugary surprises. Sometimes my parents would even sneak in a few bigger treats like new shirts or toys. I would squeal in delight any time I would find a treat and would proudly show it off to my brother (of course it was always a competition for who could find the most treats). While I may be a little too old to join the Easter Egg hunt myself, it does not mean that I can’t re-live my Easter memories through younger relatives. Every time I carefully hide a chocolate filled plastic egg, I consider whether my childhood self would have been able to find that egg. And when I watch my young relatives search desperately for eggs it takes a great deal of effort for me not to join the hunt myself!

Some great ideas for small treats to hide are:
  •  Chocolates (obviously!)
  •  Kid-friendly Jewelry (for the little fashionista)
  •  iTunes gift cards: a perfect practical gift for the tech-savvy kid. Package it creatively to add a little  extra pizzazz.
  •  Stuffed animals: What kid doesn’t love a new cuddly friend!
  •  Moni Poni: This small fun hair accessory is great for young girls. It prevents their hair from getting tangled like in traditional hair elastics. The bright colours and shapes will make this stylish accessory a staple in any girl’s wardrobe.

Of course, Easter is also a time for family. I am part Greek, and Greek Easter was definitely always a memorable experience. My favorite part was when, in Greek tradition, we would hold egg cracking competitions. This is a great activity (whether you’re Greek or not!). All you need is a bowl full of hardboiled eggs (these can be coloured with paint or dye). Two people arm themselves with an egg, line the ends of the eggs together and then tap them together. The first person whose egg cracks loses. It sounds pretty simple, but I remember how much joy it brought my family. You'd be surprised how difficult it was the crack those eggs! 

Some fun Easter Craft Ideas:
  •  Make a pair of paper bunny ears
  • Make Easter Bunny sock puppets. Let the kid express themselves creatively by enacting Easter-themed puppet shows.
  •  Paint Easter eggs to look like favorite kid TV show characters. Nothing better than egg painting, Hannah Montana style.
  • Make and decorate small Easter baskets filled with treats. These can be handed out to neighbors to help brighten their Easter. Share the Easter fun with others and the holiday will be even more memorable for you!
  •  I love this creative and delicious bunny themed treat. All you need is crackers, carrots, cream cheese, and pretzels. 

image courtesy of Kaboose

  •  These cute home-made Jelly Bean Chicks are a great gift for teachers, babysitters, neighbors, or friends. 

image courtesy of Kaboose

What are your favourite Easter memories? Do you have any craft suggestions?

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