Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Years Resolution Time!

Every year, around this time, we do the same. We take a look back at the year and think about what we’d like to change in the new year. I personally love new years resolutions. Sure, people argue that no one actually follows through with their resolutions. For the first month, the gyms might be packed, but eventually they’ll become emptier as people trade in their resolution for a Big Mac. But even if that is the case, I still think its’ extremely valuable for people to have a reason to look back and reflect on their year. I love reviewing what I’ve improved on, what perhaps needs more work, and all of the great memories I’ve created during that year. It’s a great way to make sure that you’re more self aware. Plus, it gives you an excuse to create goals. So many people don’t recognize the power of goal setting. Its great to dream! Even if perhaps you don’t fulfill your goal in the timeline you originally set out, you never know when you might revisit that goal and succeed.

Goals work best when they are:

I also find that it is easiest to follow through on goals where I can easily monitor progress and congratulate myself on each obstacle I overcome. Its great to have a final end goal, but I can motivate myself better when I have a series of smaller goals that lead to a large goal. That way you never feel overwhelmed or discouraged!

What’s your new years resolution?

Need some inspiration for your new years party? Check out these outfits featuring Orangefish Jewelry:

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Boxing Day Sale!

It’s every girl’s favorite day of the year: Boxing Day! You know what that means…big sales, amazing deals, and full shopping bags. But unfortunately, it also means huge lines, and having to fight that feisty lady over that cute pair of shoes you both want. The boxing day routine can get a bit tiresome. We love the deals but hate the drama! The Solution: shop at Orangefish’s awesome boxing day sale! We have all the amazing deals that you can get right from your desk chair, couch, or even bed. You can relax and recline with a nice cup of tea while picking up envious items. Then your purchases will be delivered right to your front door!

So what will be on sale?

Check our some of your favorite pieces you’ve been lusting over for months. From fun and colourful pieces to simple and chic silver necklaces, there’s something for every style. 

Kids Stuff!
We have adorable clothing for young children. There are also kid size aprons for the mini chef in the making. Just because Christmas is over, doesn’t mean you can’t still make Christmas cookies together!

Guys Gear!
Guys need a little sale love too. All our amazing unique and stylish men’s cufflinks are on sale today only! There’s sports themed links, Canadian pride links, camo links, and lots more. Add a little extra flourish to a black suit!

And so much more including, greeting cards, pet accessories, clothing, funky soap, and tote bags. This sale is for this week only though, so swim on over and hook all your favorite items before they disappear!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Magical Moments Contest Results

Our Magical Moments contest was a huge success! We received some heart warming entries about everyone’s favorite memory. And of course, we do have some big winners! Drum roll please…

In first place we have: Jessica Kimbel with “the day our son was born”. Jessica swept away the competition with 331 votes! Way to go! We hope you enjoy your Lotus Ring with 30 interchangeable marbles and your $75 Orangefish gift card.
In second place is Stephanie Hayes with her memory of “finding out I was pregnant”. Thanks to her 98 votes, Stephanie has won a  Bra Bag and a Panty Pak as well as a $50 Orangefish gift card.

Finally, in third place we have S. Kienlen and their magical moment of “our wedding”. Congratulations! You’ve won a pair of chic buds and a $25 Orangefish gift card.

We hope everyone enjoyed our contest! We loved hearing about all your favorite memories. The Orangefish Team hopes you have a wonderful holiday and make some more Magical Moments. 
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Friday, December 17, 2010

Holiday Helper: 15% off this weekend only!

We all know that your long holiday gift list can start to get a bit pricey. That’s why Orangefish is offering 15% off all our brand new and restocked items this Friday to Sunday! These items are hot hot hot though, so get them while they last! We only order limited quantities and you won’t want to miss out on that perfect gift. Just use the promo code HHMMWKD16 to get your 15% off!

We’ve just received some brand new products!
Check out the new designs for the WubaNub. The little MVP design is adorable for the young sports fan in training. There are also four new stuffed animals from the Cheery Cheeks bunch. These are great gifts for the young ones on your list.

We also have restocked some of our best stocking stuffers. The Ballmania lip balm is smooth on your lips and perfectly kissable. The fun designs are sure to put a smile on your face. We’ve brought in some new designs called “lips Ahoy”, inspired by sailing adventures at sea. Don’t forget to check out the new USB sticks too. There’s a design for everyone at any age. The Stars Wars series will please any Sci Fi fan. The Hello Kitty USBs are a fun and stylish gift for the young teen girl.

If you’re looking for a deal this holiday season head on over to this weekend and get the most unique products at amazing prices! And don’t forget, if you recommend the site to a friend and they make a purchase we’ll credit your account with 10 dollars! There’s nothing like brightening your holiday with free money!

Also, our Magical Moments Contest is still running until December 19! Go to our Facebook page and enter for your chance to win some amazing prices!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Magical Moments Contest Reminder!

Don't forget to enter out Magical Moments contest. It runs until December 20th, so get your entries in!

Entering is so easy! Just go to our website or Facebook page and share your holiday story. Then, get your friends to vote for your entry. The more people you tell, the better your chances are of winning. Prizes will be given out to the entries with the most votes.

We have some amazing prizes!
First prize is the popular sterling silver Lotus Ring with 30 interchangeable marbles and a $75.00 Orangefish gift card.

The second prize winner will receive the Bra Bag and Panty Pak as well as a $50.00 Orangefish gift card.

The third prize winner will get the new Chic Earbuds and a $25.00 Orangefish gift card.

Go to our facebook page and click on the contest tab to enter!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Holiday Stocking Stuffers!

Orangefish has these new products in that prove you can make anything fun and creative. These home supplies are an extension of the office supplies line we launched earlier this fall. They are just in time for the Holidays. They all make great stocking stuffers because of their small size, and fun nature.

 For example, I’ll bet you never thought a tea strainer could be interesting. Think again. This adorable strainer, shaped like a flower is just too cool. Perfect for the tea lover in your life! Wrap it up with some gourmet teas and you’ve got the perfect gift! 

Any contact wearer knows how boring those little contact cases are. Not to mention difficult to handle because they’re so small. This contact case is definitely not boring. Its whimsical and colourful. And because it sits higher off the counter, and is heavier, it will make putting in your contacts a breeze.

Soap is just plain old soap right? Wrong. When you put it on this adorable soap dish shaped like a turtle you have the perfect little accessory for your bathroom or kitchen. Its’ perfect for all age groups but is also a great way to get the little ones excited about proper hand washing hygiene. 
Finally, the holidays are when you bring out your best linens and use the fancy guest table. But there’s also plenty of hot serving dishes around that are the mortal enemy to any gorgeous wooden table. That’s where these fun trivets come in. Their cool shape and bright colour are a great addition to any table year round.

These products make perfect stocking stuffers for family and friends. They’re practical, fun, and stylish! The perfect combination!

Check out to see these and other stocking stuffers.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

GG's Official Holiday Gift Guide!

Nothing feels better than finding the perfect gift for a loved one. You anticipate the smile on their face and their excited reaction and you just can’t wait to give it to them. But sometimes this is easier said then done. Ever have that person who you just can’t find the perfect gift for? I know I have! So here’s my guide to help you out this holiday season. has got amazing and thoughtful gifts for every person on your list.

Little Rascals: Don’t know what to get your young ones on your list? Check out these ideas.
Crayon Carrier: The perfect way to organize all their colouring supplies for road trips, or long sits in the waiting room
Aprons: Get the kids involved with cooking your holiday dinner with these adorable aprons.
Cupcake necklace: Trying to cut down on the sweets the kids are eating? This cupcake necklace is a sweet gift for the young girl or teenager with no sugar required.
Moni Poni: These hair accessories make it easy to do hair, and look super stylish too!

Women: Fabulous gifts for a gal pal, girlfriend, wife, or sister
Bra Bag & Panty Pak: Just in time for holiday vacations. The Bra Bag and Panty pack keep your delicates protected and looking good.
Key Finder charms: Give the gift of sparkle, and no more lost keys!
Purse Hook Bangle: A stylish 3-in-one accessory and purse hook
Lotus Ring or Necklace: This ring comes with 30 interchangeable marbles. Perfect for the indecisive fashionista!
Chic Buds: The sparkly way to accessorize your iPod
Men: Show a little love for the men in your life with these great gifts
Star Wars USB Keys: These usb keys are geek-chic
Grid It: Give the gift of organization.
Sport Cufflinks: men need some style too. These cufflinks inspired by sports are a great addition to any suit.
 Rock Buds: Banish boring headphones with these babies

Podmates: Gifts to impress anyone at your office
USB Keys: Bring some extra fun to the office
Business Card Cases: these cases help to keep all your business cards organized. A great gift for the entrepreneur!
Check out even more gift ideas at!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Just Hooked: Portable Flats for all your sore feet emergencies

I love my heels. And the higher the better! Unfortunately, that usually means that halfway through the night my poor feet are either killing me or completely numb. At a certain point, every girl wishes they had brought a pair of flats with them. Even Carrie and her Manolo Blahnik’s has experienced the dreaded walk home from dinner or a party in heels that are too high, too tight, and slightly impractical (though totally cute!).

Enter Damn Heels. The perfect solution! Now you can wear your heels, and when you start to feel that tell-tale pain in the soles of your feet, you can pop the small and convenient damn heels pouch out of your clutch. The black pouch contains small adorable black patent flats that are folded inside. Just like magic the pouch expands into a stylish reusable bag decorated with a pop-art style pattern of heel silhouettes. Pop your painful heels into the bag and slip on the comfy flats to give your poor feet a much deserved break.

Damn heels is a great solution for walking home or taking the subway back from the office or a party. They are also great for weddings, where half way through the night you end up wishing you hadn’t worn your sky-high pointy toes heels. Get dancing and don’t let your feet hold you back!

Damn heels is definitely something I’ll be carrying in my purse now!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Magical Moments Contest!

Our fall “What’s Your Wish” Contest was a huge hit! So we’re running another one just in time for the holidays.

The holidays are full of magical moments. Whether its revealing the new family puppy, setting out milk and cookies for Santa, building snowmen, or waking up way too early Christmas morning to open presents under the tree, everyone has that special moment they look forward to every holiday. 

Orangefish has created the Magical Moments contest. We want to hear your favorite holiday memories and give you the chance to win some amazing prizes. Entering is so easy! Just go to our website or Facebook page and share your holiday story. Then, get your friends to vote for your entry. The more people you tell, the better your chances are of winning. Prizes will be given out to the entries with the most votes.

First prize is the popular sterling silver Lotus Ring with 30 interchangeable marbles and a $75.00 Orangefish gift card.
The second prize winner will receive the Bra Bag and Panty Pak as well as a $50.00 Orangefish gift card.

The third prize winner will get the new Chic Earbuds and a $25.00 Orangefish gift card.
All those wonderful prizes and all you have to do to win one is tell us your favorite memory and get your Facebook friends to vote! Get into the holiday spirit and you might just win an early gift!

Check it out on our Facebook page: Then click on the contest tab to enter!

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