Saturday, December 25, 2010

Boxing Day Sale!

It’s every girl’s favorite day of the year: Boxing Day! You know what that means…big sales, amazing deals, and full shopping bags. But unfortunately, it also means huge lines, and having to fight that feisty lady over that cute pair of shoes you both want. The boxing day routine can get a bit tiresome. We love the deals but hate the drama! The Solution: shop at Orangefish’s awesome boxing day sale! We have all the amazing deals that you can get right from your desk chair, couch, or even bed. You can relax and recline with a nice cup of tea while picking up envious items. Then your purchases will be delivered right to your front door!

So what will be on sale?

Check our some of your favorite pieces you’ve been lusting over for months. From fun and colourful pieces to simple and chic silver necklaces, there’s something for every style. 

Kids Stuff!
We have adorable clothing for young children. There are also kid size aprons for the mini chef in the making. Just because Christmas is over, doesn’t mean you can’t still make Christmas cookies together!

Guys Gear!
Guys need a little sale love too. All our amazing unique and stylish men’s cufflinks are on sale today only! There’s sports themed links, Canadian pride links, camo links, and lots more. Add a little extra flourish to a black suit!

And so much more including, greeting cards, pet accessories, clothing, funky soap, and tote bags. This sale is for this week only though, so swim on over and hook all your favorite items before they disappear!

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