Friday, December 3, 2010

Just Hooked: Portable Flats for all your sore feet emergencies

I love my heels. And the higher the better! Unfortunately, that usually means that halfway through the night my poor feet are either killing me or completely numb. At a certain point, every girl wishes they had brought a pair of flats with them. Even Carrie and her Manolo Blahnik’s has experienced the dreaded walk home from dinner or a party in heels that are too high, too tight, and slightly impractical (though totally cute!).

Enter Damn Heels. The perfect solution! Now you can wear your heels, and when you start to feel that tell-tale pain in the soles of your feet, you can pop the small and convenient damn heels pouch out of your clutch. The black pouch contains small adorable black patent flats that are folded inside. Just like magic the pouch expands into a stylish reusable bag decorated with a pop-art style pattern of heel silhouettes. Pop your painful heels into the bag and slip on the comfy flats to give your poor feet a much deserved break.

Damn heels is a great solution for walking home or taking the subway back from the office or a party. They are also great for weddings, where half way through the night you end up wishing you hadn’t worn your sky-high pointy toes heels. Get dancing and don’t let your feet hold you back!

Damn heels is definitely something I’ll be carrying in my purse now!

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