Friday, December 10, 2010

Holiday Stocking Stuffers!

Orangefish has these new products in that prove you can make anything fun and creative. These home supplies are an extension of the office supplies line we launched earlier this fall. They are just in time for the Holidays. They all make great stocking stuffers because of their small size, and fun nature.

 For example, I’ll bet you never thought a tea strainer could be interesting. Think again. This adorable strainer, shaped like a flower is just too cool. Perfect for the tea lover in your life! Wrap it up with some gourmet teas and you’ve got the perfect gift! 

Any contact wearer knows how boring those little contact cases are. Not to mention difficult to handle because they’re so small. This contact case is definitely not boring. Its whimsical and colourful. And because it sits higher off the counter, and is heavier, it will make putting in your contacts a breeze.

Soap is just plain old soap right? Wrong. When you put it on this adorable soap dish shaped like a turtle you have the perfect little accessory for your bathroom or kitchen. Its’ perfect for all age groups but is also a great way to get the little ones excited about proper hand washing hygiene. 
Finally, the holidays are when you bring out your best linens and use the fancy guest table. But there’s also plenty of hot serving dishes around that are the mortal enemy to any gorgeous wooden table. That’s where these fun trivets come in. Their cool shape and bright colour are a great addition to any table year round.

These products make perfect stocking stuffers for family and friends. They’re practical, fun, and stylish! The perfect combination!

Check out to see these and other stocking stuffers.

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