Friday, January 28, 2011

The Fun Theory

Have you ever heard of “the fun theory?”. Well I hadn’t either. But now that I know, I’m so glad I found it! It originated with a contest held by Volkswagen. They invited inventors and creative people to come up with fun ways to encourage people to change their behaviour for the better. What an amazing idea! Unfortunately we have all developed so many bad habits these days. Habits are often difficult to break unless you present someone with a reward or you make a good habit fun! That’s the attitude these creative entrants took. They realized that to bring positive change to the world you have to be able to make people smile, laugh, and WANT to do the right thing.

Some of the top entries were:

The Piano Stairs 
I remember when this video took over YouTube this summer. The creators saw that no one ever wanted to take the stairs at a popular subway stop and would instead take the escalator next to the stairs. So, using an amazing amount of creativity (and engineering!) they turned the stairs into a giant piano. So when a person would walk up each stair a musical note would sound. Who wouldn’t want to walk up those stairs!

The Bottle Bank Arcade
This fun invention brings back memories of older times spent at the carnival. The creators were noticing that few people were recycling their glass bottles. So they created a bottle bank inspired by arcade games. Each time a person recycles their bottle in the proper compartment, they get points and the bank flashes and makes fun noises. If you watch the video you get to see just how much fun people are actually having! Doing something so simple as placing a bottle in a bin. Now that’s the way to change the world one smile at a time!

The Speed Camera Lottery
This was actually the winner of the fun theory contest. I think it was the most successful because it combines the possibility of reward with the fun factor. It works similarly to a traffic camera. If you’re speeding, it takes your picture and you get fined as usual. But if you’re not speeding your picture still gets taken and you get put into a lottery to win a portion of the money created by those who have been fined for speeding. So you get a nice little monetary reward for being a safe driver! It makes me wish I lived in Sweden where this was tested!

Have you ever made anything more fun for yourself in order to encourage a more positive habit? I know I continue to try to find a way to make exercising more fun. I’ve also tried to reduce the amount of pre- packaged foods I eat (not good for me or the environment!). To do this I’ve found ways to make cooking and baking extra fun so its’ something I always look forward to. There’s nothing like blasting your favorite tunes and dancing around your kitchen like you’re a chef on the Food Network!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Just Hooked and On Sale!

Its that time of week again. Thank god it’s Friday! If you’ve been following this blog or checking the Orangefish website you’ll know that every Friday we feature a fantastic sale on brand new products from a variety of artists. Last week’s sale was a huge hit! This week’s sale is just as fabulous!

Big cocktail rings have been ultra trendy for the last couple years. Nothing can seem to stop them! I love big rings as a way to draw attention to my hands (especially if they’ve just been perfectly manicured). The rings we are featuring this week are unlike anything I’ve ever seen. They’re unique hand-blown crystal statement rings. They’re like little pieces of luxury art on your fingers. Whether you’re on a date, out with friends, or at the office, everyone will be checking out your bling (and be battling back the green monster of jealousy). You can’t help but feel like a princes wearing one of these luxurious rings. They’re available in a variety of colours so you can pick one that represents you best.

If you’re looking for simpler jewelry we have the perfect collection for you! The chic sterling silver necklaces feature colourful images of butterflies, water lilies, or leaves. And of course guys like a little bling too! So we’ve grabbed some men’s cufflinks this week. Sophisticated designs feature pops of colour and sterling silver hardware. Are you a fan of Hitchcock’s film Vertigo? The Vertigo cufflinks are inspired by the sensation of looking down an endless staircase.

If your jewelry box is already well stocked, don’t despair. We’ve also hooked some bags whose prices have been so reduced you’ll think there’s been a mistake! These bold geometric inspired bags come in an array of colours for every style taste.

To check this week’s sale out visit!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Comfort Or Fashion? Staying Warm This Season

Comfort or fashion? That’s the major dilemma for any fashionista.

I experienced first hand the other day, the biting cold of Canadian winters. After a night out on the town, I was trying to find a taxi home on a busy road during -12 degree weather and heavy snowfall wearing only a dress and small coat. Trust me, its cold out there!

So how exactly do you balance keeping warm with staying stylish?
You have to look at it as an opportunity to accessorize even more! Scarves, hats, mittens, coats, and boots are all great ways to add some extra flair to the simplest outfits.

This season beanies are still dominating street style as well as a new trend towards headbands. The cutest ones I’ve seen have flowers on one side and are totally unique. Last year the signature Canadian mitts could be seen everywhere. You still see them around, though the design has been updated a bit, so if you’re patriotic don’t be afraid to flaunt it. I personally like softer colours in the winter time for my accessories. Light pink is my favorite right now. The key to accessorizing your winter coat is to make sure you don’t go too matchy-matchy. There’s a temptation to get one of those matching scarf, mitten, and hat sets but if you can, try to steer away from them. They scream middle school. Instead, opt for a patterned scarf or hat and then pick colours from the pattern for the rest of your accessories. This way you still look pulled together but you get to have a bit more fun with colour.

Coats are the number one staple for the winter. I always have the hardest time finding the perfect winter coat. But when you do, I swear you’ll hear angels singing and lights will shine down from the sky. This year, I’ve gone for a simple black wool pea coat with an asymmetrical zipper. I like the surprise of the zipper and the simplicity of the rest of the coat. It gives me the perfect blank slate to accessorize. Statement coats are always a fun buy, but beware they’ll probably go out of trend before you can say “poof!”. If you want to be a little more creative with your coat, opt instead for a bright colour like a red, green, or pink. You’ll bring a little brightness into the drab winter months.

Finally, there’s boots. Boots have been my winter kryptonite for years. How do you find boots the resist salt stains, are waterproof and warm, and somehow still look chic. Trust me, its not easy. Thank goodness, this year equestrian and motorcycle style boots were in style. The thicker sole and toe makes these boots much sturdier and resistant to water. I found the perfect pair and bought a good protective spray. The moment I notice that the salt starts sticking to the leather, I spray them again and then they’re good for a few more weeks! Layer some nice warm fuzzy socks underneath and you’ve got yourself a hot pair of winter boots!

What do you find most difficult about Winter fashion? Have you ever sacrificed comfort for style? 

Here are some of my suggestions for accessorizing this winter (with a little extra Orangefish bling!)!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Just Hooked and On Sale...Does it Get Any Better?

In Wednesday’s blog I talked about how being frugal is now fashionable. Orangefish wants to help you save and still look and feel fabulous. This weekend’s sale is one you won’t want to miss! From baby accessories, to jewelry, to cosmetics, we’re giving you a chance to catch some fashionably low prices! You’ll be able to save 50% off high quality unique, stylish, and fun items!

Do you have a baby or the way or a baby shower for a friend coming up? Friday’s sale features some adorable accessories for the fashionista mommy.
Stroller Blankets: Even in the cold of the winter months your baby can snuggle under the blanket's soft embrace and sleep peacefully. And you’ll love the chic patterned trim around the blanket that you can match to your diaper clutch or tote.  
Diaper Clutch: Diapering is definitely not considered to be a fashionable activity. But with this adorable clutch, even diapering baby can be a way to show off your own unique style.
The diaper Tote: From the outside you wouldn’t even know it’s a diaper bag! But on the inside it is organized with pockets and clips that make traveling with baby easier than ever.

 Are you tired of your usual drugstore cosmetics? Orangefish is featuring new cosmetics from DaLish. They specialize in making multi-purpose makeup that you can tuck into your purse and use for touchups throughout the day and night. The best part is all their cosmetics and body products are 100% animal cruelty free! So you can rest comfortably knowing that your makeup is bringing out your inner beauty without hurting an animal.
If you’ve visited Orangefish before you’ll know that we have a soft spot for unique jewelry. We couldn’t help but feature this series of bracelets, necklaces, and earrings this weekend. They’re all more than jewelry. They’re works of art that with take any outfit from drab to fab!

Have you ever had the pleasure to open a suitcase and find a little note from that special someone tucked into it? If you have, you’ll know how something so small can make your heart tingle. We’ve hooked a product that will help make writing surprise notes a regular occurrence. Pick one for your significant other or your mom and write a little blurb about how much they mean to you. Then tuck it under their pillow, or in their purse for them to discover later. Spread the love!

Check out all these great deals at Orangefish!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Rise of the Frugalista!

There’s a new fashionista in town and her name is Frugalista. That’s right, Frugal is totally fashionable now. From popular trends like vintage and thrift store shopping, to the rise of specialty discount websites, everyone seems to be jumping on the savings bandwagon. I’m proud to say that on Boxing Day I found a pair of completely adorable flats on sale for $5.00. Yep, $5.00! And you know what? I’ve received more compliments on those shoes lately than any other pair of flats I own! From complete strangers too! And from all the crowds I encountered at Sherway Gardens mall on Boxing Day, I’d say that everyone else is also looking for that special deal. The key to saving money is to buy products that are on sale but still high quality. Cheaply constructed items will simply fall apart and you’ll end up having to buy something new to replace it anyways.

So coming from a true frugalista here are some of my favorite tips and tricks for finding the most stylish deals.

Websites like Beyond the Rack, and Swirl are taking the WWW by storm. They feature special designer and high quality products at highly discounted prices. They’re invitation only (like our very own Orangefish) so the deals are super exclusive.

Do you need a purse or dress for a special occasion but don't want to shell out the big bucks for something you might never wear again? If you've watched the Sex and the City movie you may have already been introduced to this new way of shopping. Basically, you can rent a designer item (anyone from Marc Jacobs to Chanel!) for a month for a small price in comparison to the items value. They mail the dress/shoes/purse to you and then when you're done you mail it right back! Rent The Runway is a popular site for this. Their tag line "love. wear. return" pretty much sums up this exciting concept! 

Other websites like Groupon, Steal The Deal and Fab Find are great to find special one day only sales. In fact, Orangefish participated in a Fab Find sale and gave away $50.00 gift cards for only $25.00!

Red Flag Deals is a popular Canadian site where you can let other people find the deals for you! They’ll post about it and then you can check it out and scoop up some awesome sales without spending hours googling for them yourself!

Orangefish knows that people are trying to cut back on their spending but don’t necessarily want to sacrifice style or quality. So every Friday we’re featuring a series of heavily discounted products from talented designers around the world. Some of them will be items we already have on the site and some will be brand new so Fridays will always be extra exciting. Make sure to check the blog every week to see what products we’re featuring! You could save 50% or more! 

celebrate your inner frugalista!

Friday, January 7, 2011

New Travel Accessories for Your Winter Getaway!

Orangefish is introducing an exciting new promotion where every weekend we will offer limited quantity items from our artists and designers at heavily discounted prices.  They will only be available as long as they are in stock so grab them while they’re hot!

This weekend we’re featuring some fun products from Brag. They’re perfect for your Winter getaway. So we know you loved the bra bag and panty pak because we could barely keep them in stock before the Christmas rush.  Earlier this year the bra bag company launched a contest asking people to submit new designs and we are currently stocking the winning design – Victoria, inspired by non other than Victoria Beckham... think of it this way - if you can’t have her husband you might as well have a bag she inspired! This girly design is perfect to carry your delicates on your next business trip or Caribbean cruise. The bra bag offers a solution that every girl would love! It doesn’t sacrifice any space and protects your delicates at the same time. And it’s super stylish so it’s fashionista-friendly!

 A great addition to your bra bag and panty pack is the luggage tag. Attach it to your suitcase to set it apart from all the others. Your bag will be the most stylish one on the luggage belt at the airport! And you’ll never have to worry about whether you’ve picked up the right bag or not. Add a little glamour to your boring old suitcase and some fun to all your travels! Plus, we're offering you an amazing 50% discount of the original price so the tag is only $2.50!

The small clutch is a necessary compliment to all your favorite travel accessories. We’ve all had the moment where we had to dig through our bag for our passport or money. Airports are stressful enough without worrying about lost valuables. This small clutch is the perfect size to hold all your important essentials like your passport, iPod, wallet, and lip gloss. Keep everything you need at your fingertips and reduce airport and travel stress! And, the small clutch is now only $5.00 so you can save and look stylish while doing it!

 Check out all these new finds at!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Looking Back at 2010

Happy belated new years everyone!
It is officially now the end of a decade. 2010 was an interesting year. It brought us a new onslaught of twi-hards with the release of eclipse, Lady Gaga’s meat dress, Old Spice’s “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” campaign, The Bachelor Pad, Sidney Crosby, the iPhone 4, the Bed Intruder song phenomenon, and so much more!

Of course, as with any year, 2010 has had its fair share of tragedies and crises. From the BP oil crisis to the Earthquake in Haiti there have been many moments that made our hearts break. I believe that it is extremely important to recognize these tragedies and pay our respects for those who lost so much last year. However, I also believe in finding the light in darker times and beginning the new year with a positive outlook. Check out this YouTube video by Google that sums up this year fantastically! I love them for using the song “Good Life” by One Republic from their album “Waking Up”. Its one of my favorite songs from this year and has a great positive message.

There are surely many wonderful things to come in 2011. At least, I have to hope there will be. Sometimes it’s difficult to stay positive when the news is full of horrible story after horrible story. It is so important to recognize that everywhere in the world amazing hopeful things are happening. I love to look at the website “Give Me Hope” or GMH. It’s  the optimists version of the popular site “F My Life” or FML.  They have short heartwarming and inspiring stories from across the world. 

And if that doesn’t work to get you smiling, there’s always good dancing music! Every year DJ Earworm puts out a track that is a remix of all the top pop songs from that year. Last years was so catchy I just had to add it to my iPod! This year’s is awesome too! You can’t help but tap your feet and smile when you think of all the moments you spent during that year listening to each song in the remix. I remember hearing Tik Tok while lying on the beach reading a book. This video has over 5 million views so you know that its made at least 5 million people smile!

How was your 2010? What are you looking forward to most about 2011?

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