Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Rise of the Frugalista!

There’s a new fashionista in town and her name is Frugalista. That’s right, Frugal is totally fashionable now. From popular trends like vintage and thrift store shopping, to the rise of specialty discount websites, everyone seems to be jumping on the savings bandwagon. I’m proud to say that on Boxing Day I found a pair of completely adorable flats on sale for $5.00. Yep, $5.00! And you know what? I’ve received more compliments on those shoes lately than any other pair of flats I own! From complete strangers too! And from all the crowds I encountered at Sherway Gardens mall on Boxing Day, I’d say that everyone else is also looking for that special deal. The key to saving money is to buy products that are on sale but still high quality. Cheaply constructed items will simply fall apart and you’ll end up having to buy something new to replace it anyways.

So coming from a true frugalista here are some of my favorite tips and tricks for finding the most stylish deals.

Websites like Beyond the Rack, and Swirl are taking the WWW by storm. They feature special designer and high quality products at highly discounted prices. They’re invitation only (like our very own Orangefish) so the deals are super exclusive.

Do you need a purse or dress for a special occasion but don't want to shell out the big bucks for something you might never wear again? If you've watched the Sex and the City movie you may have already been introduced to this new way of shopping. Basically, you can rent a designer item (anyone from Marc Jacobs to Chanel!) for a month for a small price in comparison to the items value. They mail the dress/shoes/purse to you and then when you're done you mail it right back! Rent The Runway is a popular site for this. Their tag line "love. wear. return" pretty much sums up this exciting concept! 

Other websites like Groupon, Steal The Deal and Fab Find are great to find special one day only sales. In fact, Orangefish participated in a Fab Find sale and gave away $50.00 gift cards for only $25.00!

Red Flag Deals is a popular Canadian site where you can let other people find the deals for you! They’ll post about it and then you can check it out and scoop up some awesome sales without spending hours googling for them yourself!

Orangefish knows that people are trying to cut back on their spending but don’t necessarily want to sacrifice style or quality. So every Friday we’re featuring a series of heavily discounted products from talented designers around the world. Some of them will be items we already have on the site and some will be brand new so Fridays will always be extra exciting. Make sure to check the blog every week to see what products we’re featuring! You could save 50% or more! 

celebrate your inner frugalista!

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