Friday, January 7, 2011

New Travel Accessories for Your Winter Getaway!

Orangefish is introducing an exciting new promotion where every weekend we will offer limited quantity items from our artists and designers at heavily discounted prices.  They will only be available as long as they are in stock so grab them while they’re hot!

This weekend we’re featuring some fun products from Brag. They’re perfect for your Winter getaway. So we know you loved the bra bag and panty pak because we could barely keep them in stock before the Christmas rush.  Earlier this year the bra bag company launched a contest asking people to submit new designs and we are currently stocking the winning design – Victoria, inspired by non other than Victoria Beckham... think of it this way - if you can’t have her husband you might as well have a bag she inspired! This girly design is perfect to carry your delicates on your next business trip or Caribbean cruise. The bra bag offers a solution that every girl would love! It doesn’t sacrifice any space and protects your delicates at the same time. And it’s super stylish so it’s fashionista-friendly!

 A great addition to your bra bag and panty pack is the luggage tag. Attach it to your suitcase to set it apart from all the others. Your bag will be the most stylish one on the luggage belt at the airport! And you’ll never have to worry about whether you’ve picked up the right bag or not. Add a little glamour to your boring old suitcase and some fun to all your travels! Plus, we're offering you an amazing 50% discount of the original price so the tag is only $2.50!

The small clutch is a necessary compliment to all your favorite travel accessories. We’ve all had the moment where we had to dig through our bag for our passport or money. Airports are stressful enough without worrying about lost valuables. This small clutch is the perfect size to hold all your important essentials like your passport, iPod, wallet, and lip gloss. Keep everything you need at your fingertips and reduce airport and travel stress! And, the small clutch is now only $5.00 so you can save and look stylish while doing it!

 Check out all these new finds at!


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