Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Comfort Or Fashion? Staying Warm This Season

Comfort or fashion? That’s the major dilemma for any fashionista.

I experienced first hand the other day, the biting cold of Canadian winters. After a night out on the town, I was trying to find a taxi home on a busy road during -12 degree weather and heavy snowfall wearing only a dress and small coat. Trust me, its cold out there!

So how exactly do you balance keeping warm with staying stylish?
You have to look at it as an opportunity to accessorize even more! Scarves, hats, mittens, coats, and boots are all great ways to add some extra flair to the simplest outfits.

This season beanies are still dominating street style as well as a new trend towards headbands. The cutest ones I’ve seen have flowers on one side and are totally unique. Last year the signature Canadian mitts could be seen everywhere. You still see them around, though the design has been updated a bit, so if you’re patriotic don’t be afraid to flaunt it. I personally like softer colours in the winter time for my accessories. Light pink is my favorite right now. The key to accessorizing your winter coat is to make sure you don’t go too matchy-matchy. There’s a temptation to get one of those matching scarf, mitten, and hat sets but if you can, try to steer away from them. They scream middle school. Instead, opt for a patterned scarf or hat and then pick colours from the pattern for the rest of your accessories. This way you still look pulled together but you get to have a bit more fun with colour.

Coats are the number one staple for the winter. I always have the hardest time finding the perfect winter coat. But when you do, I swear you’ll hear angels singing and lights will shine down from the sky. This year, I’ve gone for a simple black wool pea coat with an asymmetrical zipper. I like the surprise of the zipper and the simplicity of the rest of the coat. It gives me the perfect blank slate to accessorize. Statement coats are always a fun buy, but beware they’ll probably go out of trend before you can say “poof!”. If you want to be a little more creative with your coat, opt instead for a bright colour like a red, green, or pink. You’ll bring a little brightness into the drab winter months.

Finally, there’s boots. Boots have been my winter kryptonite for years. How do you find boots the resist salt stains, are waterproof and warm, and somehow still look chic. Trust me, its not easy. Thank goodness, this year equestrian and motorcycle style boots were in style. The thicker sole and toe makes these boots much sturdier and resistant to water. I found the perfect pair and bought a good protective spray. The moment I notice that the salt starts sticking to the leather, I spray them again and then they’re good for a few more weeks! Layer some nice warm fuzzy socks underneath and you’ve got yourself a hot pair of winter boots!

What do you find most difficult about Winter fashion? Have you ever sacrificed comfort for style? 

Here are some of my suggestions for accessorizing this winter (with a little extra Orangefish bling!)!


  1. Great picks - I love that light pink coat. It reminds me of the coat Natalie Portman wears in Black Swan. This winter, I've been wearing a bright red coat with a light grey scarf, hat, and gloves!

  2. I've seen some red coats around and have totally been jealous! I seem to only be able to find black coats that fit perfectly and are warm enough. Lucky you!

    It is a bit like the coat in Black Swan (but hopefully a little less creepy than in the movie).


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