Thursday, October 20, 2011

Unique Halloween Costume Ideas: Bring on the glitter

Halloween. One of the days during the year where you can pretend to be someone completely different from yourself. You can be a superhero, a tv character, a superstar, or just about anything your creative little mind can come up with! That’s why I love Halloween! I always bring out the glitter, the feathers, the high heels, and go all out! Last year I was the night sky, and boy was it a simple (and cheap) yet totally glam costume! SO yeah, maybe I take the holiday as an excuse to experiment with crazy eye makeup that I otherwise wouldn't wear on a normal day. And, did I mention glitter? I like it just a little sue me. 

So this year, I knew I had to do something equally as fun (or better). But it can be so hard to come up with ideas! So I did lots of research, and came upon a bunch of cool costume ideas that I thought I’d share with all of you who maybe still haven’t decided yet what they want to be on this magical night.

1. Black/White Swan
I was so close to doing this costume with my best friend. It’s easy, and it gives you a chance to have lots of fun with eye makeup and feathers. Basically, one of you is the white swan, one of you is the black swan. You can gather inspiration for your costume from the popular film from last year or even the ballet Swan Lake. Go ahead and channel your inner Natalie Portman or Mila Kunis! Just get a simple dress in the appropriate colour. Then glue gun feathers around the bottom of the dress like a skirt. Make a headpiece out of some extra feathers (or buy a cheap one from a costume store, or jewelry store. I keep seeing them everywhere!). Create dramatic eye makeup using glitter, and eyeshadow to match the colour of your dress. And voila! You have a totally rad costume!

Image from American Apparel

2. Angry Birds
 I guess birds must be all the rage this year! I have a friend going as a peacock (also another cool costume idea), and I ended up deciding to go as Angry Birds with 4 of my friends. For those of you who have stayed away from the world of addicting smartphone apps, Angry Birds is a phone game that has taken the world by storm. This is a great group costume idea because there are five different coloured angry birds (Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, and White) plus a few other characters. I saw an angry birds costume online, but it was basically a giant m&m costume with a bird face on the front. So I decided the birds needed a little glamming up. So, for my version of this costume, get a dress in the corresponding bird colour. Then print out the famous angry bird face from your computer. Cut out and then Tape/glue the face to the front of your dress. You can also put the “5 angry birds” logo on the back of the dress. Then, create a headpiece out of matching feathers. Glue some feathers on the back of your dress, and if you have sleeves, along the edges of your sleeves. I’m wearing a one shoulder dress, and am gluing the feathers along the strap. Add a little funky eye makeup, some matching nail poilsuh, and you’re done!

3. Sooki Stackhouse
If you’re a True Blood fan, this is a totally fun costume idea. Dress up in Sookie’s recognizable Merlott’s diner serving outfit. Just get a white t-shirt and screen print on the Merlotts logo. Then, wear black shorts and an apron. Who knows, maybe you’ll even find your own Bill Compton! As a matter of fact, that could make a really cute couples costume.

4. Nicky Minaj
This seems to be a pretty popular costume idea this year. Just research one of your fav outfits of hers, and put your own twist on it. You could definitely get pretty adventurous! Along this same vein, there’s always Katy Perry, Beyonce, Gaga, Ke$sha, etc.

5. Queens of Hearts
If you have 4 friends why not go as the 4 queens of the card deck. Just get a white dress, tape/glue the suit and the Queen image to the front of your dress (can you tell I like getting crafty and sticking things to dresses…). Then make a giant heart/club/spade/diamond and glue it to a headband. You can add glue some glitter to it too if you want to get a little crazy!

6. The Big Bang Theory
If you have a bunch of guy friends, I think this would be a hilariously fabulous group costume. Each of you dress up like one of the characters. You can choose from: Raj, Howard, Leonard, Sheldon, Penny, Amy, Bernadette, and Priya. Each of the characters (especially the guys) have incredibly recognizable styles, so it should be fairly easy to look like them.

Other ideas: Charlie Sheen, Dexter, Charlie’s Angels, a cupcake,

Do you have any costume ideas? What are you going as this year?

Friday, October 7, 2011

Fall Tv: What's Hot, and what's....definitely Not.

As we head into October, we are officially into the new fall season of shows. Now, as if I didn’t already have a mile long list of shows I follow weekly, it looks like this season has brought with it a ton of amazing new shows. Great. And so my pop culture addiction continues. So I thought i'd give you a little breakdown/mini review of all the shows i've been watching. Basically, i'm hoping to enable more pop culture addicts. Warning: I do not have very high-class tv taste. So, for your mocking pleasure the shows I already follow include:

Dexter- If you’re into dark, Showcase-style shows with hilarious lines like “I have no idea what Hammertime is, or how it differs from any other time”, then you’ll love Dexter. Also, Michael C. Hall…enough said.

One Tree Hill- My guilty pleasure. 8 seasons of amazing music, great fashion, and unapologetic soap opera plots.

Glee- Once upon a time there was a show called Glee. It was hilariously politically incorrect, was full of amazing one-liners, and defied all the after-school special style shows about highschool. But unfortunately, good things can’t last forever. Last seasons Glee just failed to live up to its first year. I no longer find myself listening to Glee covers on repeat on my iPod, and I’m finding fewer and fewer Sue lines to quote on Twitter. Sorry Glee, you might just be on the chopping block for me this year.

Modern Family- HILARIOUS. That is all. Watch it…seriously.

Big Bang Theory- “Dear Amy, self respect and a hymen are better than friends and fun. Love, Mom.” That’s a quote from last week’s episode. So yeah, this show is amazing. Watch this too.

90210- Yes, I’ll admit that I watch this. If you are looking for any kind of fashion tips, you should watch this. These Beverley Hills rich kids have amazing style. But they don't really know how to act. And the writing can be a little cringe-worthy. But the fashion!

Grey’s Anatomy- As much as it pains me to say this, I think Grey’s may just be on my fall tv chopping block. I long for the days of season 2 when Derek and Meredith weren’t total downers and Christina was a 24/7 snarky one-liner machine.

Nikita- I half watch this show. Mostly because a) it’s shot it Toronto. And b) it’s full of gun-weilding, good looking, vengeful spies. It’s just plain fun to watch.

Other shows I watch and enjoy: Covert Affairs, Vampire Diaries, Flashpoint, The Office
Shows I should be watching because they’re actually quality TV (but watch too much bad TV and don’t have time): Boardwalk Empire, Madmen, Person of Interest, Community, Breaking Bad

Okay, so now onto the new shows!

Revenge- I thought I would hate this show. But surprisingly, I don’t. In fact it’s my second favorite new show. Emily VanCamp is fabulous in it. Her coolly delivered lines make me wish I was as suave as her. And of course, any show about insanely rich young people features drool-worthy fashion. I’d definitely recommend this show!

2 Broke Girls – About 2 girls, who are broke…duh. They’re trying to raise money to start their own cupcake shop. It’s pretty simple but this show is just pure fun. The writing can be both hilarious and groan worthy at times. It’s still trying to find its comedic rhythm, but I’m enjoying it enough to casually watch it.

New Girl- My FAVORITE new show! Seriously hilarious. Zooey Deschanel, you are my hero. This show is comedic genius. When they made a Lord of the Rings reference in the first episode, the geek in me knew it was love at first sight. Zooey plays the world’s most awkward girl who rooms with 3 equally odd guys. Cue the hilarity. Watch this, please. For your own good.

Hart of Dixie- It’s a mixture of Gilmore Girls and the Hannah Montana Movie. I love Rachel Bilson so I was hoping it would be good. But I have to admit, it’s kind of a cheese fest, and not in a good way. But the fashion is amazing (as expected with Rachel Bilson). I want all her clothes. So who knows, I might still keep watching it.

The Secret Circle- If charmed and Pretty Little Liars had a baby, it would be this show. After 2 episodes I already cut it. But if you have a 16 year old daughter/niece, they might like it. 

Panam, Charlie’s Angels,  Playboy Club, Prime Suspect, TerraNova, etc- I have no time to watch these shows but haven’t heard particularly good things about them. In fact, Playboy club has already been cancelled.

And there you have it! My Fall tv breakdown/ confession of all the horrible TV I watch. I apologize to anyone who actually has good taste and was offended that I watch 90120.
Have you seen any great shows that you want to recommend? Please, I’m always looking to fuel my pop culture addiction. I write a blog, so I like to pretend watching TV is real work.

Also, if you ever see a fab outfit on TV and want to know where it’s from, I highly recommend checking out Possesionista. She helped me find a fabulous lace dress from 90210. Turns out it was from Urban Outfitters (and on sale!).

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Re-Vamp Your Workout Routine and Shake Those Hips!

This summer and fall, one of my main resolutions is to get more into shape. But c’mon, life’s short, so of course I still want to have fun! There’s only so much weight lifting, running, or squats I can do. The best way to keep your exercise routine fun and effective, I think, is to mix it up! So maybe one day you’re doing Zumba, the next day you go on a run, then maybe you break out your workout DVDs. A little bit of everything keeps both the fitness nuts and newbies happy!

We want to give your routine that extra little boost so we’ve teamed up with Chemagne Dance to hook you’re a fabulous deal! They specialize in one of my fav workouts- Belly Dancing. It’s loads of fun, is a great self-esteem booster, and is of course a hardcore abs workout! And at this great price why not get a little more adventurous and try something new!

Here are the deets:

6 Week Introductory to belly dance designed especially for new students to belly dance

-       Get Belly Dance CD ($20 Value Belly Dance Fact Sheet & $10 Off Next Purchase    Of Class Card)
-       $150.00 +HST

This class is designed for everyone, including those with no previous belly dance training. In this class students will be introduced to the fundamentals of bellydance movement and technique. Students will learn posture and alignment, muscle awareness, hip work, isolation of upper-body movements, and balance awareness. Specific techniques include hip circles, figure eights, undulations, hand gestures, arm placement, and traveling steps. Each class will conclude with a fun choreography or set of dance combinations, putting into action what we learned that session.

7:15 - 8:15pm  6 Weeks Introductory To Belly Dance - New Students (Nov. 7 - Dec. 12)    

7:15 - 8:15pm  6 Weeks Introductory To Belly Dance - New Students  (Nov. 3 - Dec. 8)

So ladies, grab your belly dancing skirts, get ready to do some shakin’ and whip those abs into shape!

To redeem the deal just email, call or visit in person.

Chemagne Dance is located at: 899 Bloor St. West
Toronto, ON

Thursday, September 15, 2011

TIFF 2011: Gerard is Back in Action!

By this point you probably all know that TIFF has been in town for the last week and a half. Celebs on every corner, autograph hounds chasing down our fav Canadian heartthrob Ryan Gosling, and even a little (and totally false) Madonna vs. TIFF volunteers controversy.

Our own founder Janet Lewis was lucky enough to get in on a little of the TIFF action. She went to see “Machine Gun Preacher”, starring none other then Gerard Butler. After the last movie I saw with him, the dud otherwise known as “The Bounty Hunter,” I was a little skeptical. I really do wish I could get those 2 hours of my life back. But I thought I’d give Gerard the benefit of the doubt and give MGP a chance.

Here’a a little inside scoop from Janet

“It was honestly an amazing story. The director and all the cast were there on stage and Sam – who the story is about was sporting, jeans, short sleeve shirt and leather Harley jacket. He mentioned that people tried to get him to dress up for the event but he felt that wasn’t really him and this was as good as it gets.

The movie itself was sad at times as it showed what was happening in northern Uganda and Sudan but it also showcased the strength of one man’s passion to follow his dream to try to help save as many children as he could.  His own life was difficult and he made so many sacrifices to stay committed to saving these children. A definite must see and an inspiration to everyone to do what they can to help those who might need a little extra support. I can see this one winning some major awards.  At the end of the video they showed some real life footage of Sam there – which was a great add to the entire experience. It reminded the audience that the film was more then just a film – it’s the true story of a man’s struggle. Very moving and it received a standing ovation at the end of the movie... which I had never seen before so very exciting. Sex symbol Gerard Butler was amazing in this role – he definitely did justice to Sam as a man and the trials and tribulations that he went through. “

After hearing her glowing review of it, I decided I needed to do a little extra research.
IMBD’s description of the film is: “The story of Sam Childers, a former drug-dealing biker tough guy who found God and became a crusader for hundreds of Sudanese children who've been forced to become soldiers.”

While TIFF is a week full of celebrity, champagne and fancy parties, it’s amazing when a film like this asks us to look at how much we have in our own lives. I’ll admit as I looked at some of the TIFF images being posted on Twitter, I couldn’t help but lament all the fancy dresses and cars I don’t have. But you know what I do have…a computer, a house, a pretty good cardigan collection, food on the table every day, amazing friends, freedom, and goodness I could go on for hours. Life is pretty darn good and I really don’t have much to complain about.

So thank you Gerard Butler & co for reminding me of that! And encouraging me to look for ways to help those who might be going through a rough time and maybe can’t help themselves. Sure, I might not be able to do what Sam did in the film, but every little change does make a difference. Every movement starts with something seemingly small.

Here’s the trailer for all of you who are interested. It’s got a rad cast, a talented director, and an inspiring story….recipe for success? I think so! Looks like I’ll have to add this to my list of films to watch after following TIFF. So far I want to see:
-   The Oranges
-   The Ides of March
-   The Machine Gun Preacher
-   The Descendants - here's a really fun and interesting interview with Shailene Woodley  that got me intrigued 

 Any other TIFF films you guys would recommend? 

Thursday, September 8, 2011

First Day of School Jitters!

If Twitter’s trending topics are any indication, then it must be the first day of school this week! So get out your fresh notebooks, pens, perfectly sharpened pencils, and new backpacks and hop on the big yellow school bus.

Whether you’re a child heading to middle school for the first time, a university student moving into your new dorm, or a mature adult heading back, the first day of school evokes a kind of unique excitement. Sure you’re terrified of making new friends, impressing your teachers, and making sure your hair looks the best it can. But you’re also running on first day adrenaline, the rush of a fresh start keeping you pumping energy like an energizer bunny. Nothing can stop you!

For me, my favorite part of September was back-to-school shopping, and no, I’m not just talking about getting new clothes (though I loved that too!). I’m one of those odd people who just love the feeling of walking into Staples. It’s like my nerdy wonderland. Sure a new shirt is fun, but what about new post-its! In fun colours and shapes! And don’t even get me started on notebooks…

But for those normal people who still get excited about clothes here are some of my fav back-to-school outfit ideas for elementary school, high school, and university. The key to choosing an outfit for the first day (or week) is to look put together without looking like your mother picked your outfit for you…you don’t want to look like you’re trying to hard. What not to do: here’s me my first day of kindergarten. Mom, I love you…but no. It’s a wonder I didn’t get any pudding thrown at me!

So a good mix of casual and nicer pieces is the perfect way to go. Is it sad that the high school outfit is pretty much my outfit today…

First Day of Elementary School

I'm kind of in love with that orange backpack. Add one of our famous MOGO charm bracelets to this and you've got the outfit I wish I was wearing above.

First Day of High School
Is it sad that I'm literally wearing almost this exact outfit today, except with a killer Steve Madden bag.

First Day of University

Also, make sure to check out our splash sale today! These cute little crayon holders are perfectly for craft time with your little one.

And for us grownups, who have graduated from the school world to the wonderful world of full time employment, check out these crystal lanyards. You wear your ID card every day, and that boring old black lanyard is just killing your outfit. But these lanyards are totally blinged out. They’re covered with crystals so now even your ID cards can looks stylish (who knew!) Find them here.

Do you have any favorite back to school memories? Post your back to school outfits!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Celeb Hair and "To dye or not to dye"

Nothing can spruce up an outfit like the perfect hairstyle! Shiny and well styled locks can make even the simplest outfits look super chic! For me this week, it was all about the hair. I did a good deal of shopping last week in the States, and now I needed a new coif to suit my fab digs. The dilemma- to dye or not to dye.

Here’s my story: and it’s a story familiar to most brunettes. I died my light brown hair a darker brown two years ago. But to my surprise, it didn’t turn the deep dark brown I was dreaming of….instead it turned a kind of orange-ish brown brassy colour. Not cute at all. So it’s not surprising that I’ve stayed as far away from hair dye as I could for the last couple of years.

But here’s my other dilemma…again also familiar. I get bored of my hair so easily. It’s long, slightly layered, with no cool bangs or anything. SO what’s a girl to do when they want to change things up, but don’t want to get one of those trendy pixie cuts? Now that the summer is almost over, I thought, “hey, why not! Let’s give the dark hair a try again”. I hadn’t quite given up on boxed hair dye because of its convenience and cost efficiency, and surprisingly, things went a lot better this time! Brunettes, listen up! I tried the Clairol Natural Instincts line called “Brass Free Brunettes” and for once, a marketing ploy actually proved true! It worked! So now I’m sporting dark luscious locks with no major hints of orange in site! Success!

Next up, hair cut time! Here are my fav celeb haircuts right now. I don’t have the beans to try most of them, but the celebs sure make them look great!

Say what you will about Kim Kardashian, but I only know 2 things. 1: she’s a ton of fun to follow on Twitter And 2: the girl has fab hair. I LOVE her colour and the middle parted loose waves. What I’d give to have my hair look like this 24/7. The wonders of having a stylist follow you around. Though someone really should have told her that you're supposed to wear shirts under vests...

Image courtesy of imageshack

Jennifer Anniston has made the Lob famous since February. I’m loving this shape on her! It’s a nice update from the one length bob I rocked in middle school.

Image courtesy of

And then there’s the infamous pixie cut. Natalie Portman rocked one years back after filming V for Vendetta, and I still think she is one of the celebs who has sported it best. These days, Michelle Williams, Ginnifer Goodwin, Carey Mulligan, and Emma Watson have jumped on the short hair bandwagon. When Emma Watson chopped off her signature Hermione hair, I felt like a little piece of my childhood disappeared. But then I got over it pretty quickly when I saw this Vogue spread. First of all…the shoes….LOVE. And the hair, I’m still a bit on the fence. I definitely think it has helped her shed her Hermione young girl image for a new edgier look. I admire anyone who has the confidence to pull of this look! If you have the angles, why not rock em!

Image courtesy of ClaraBelle

Do you dye your hair? What’s your fav brand of dye? What do you think of these celeb hairstyles?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

And the Bachelor Pad drama begins...

The Bachelorette drama ended last week when Ashley Hebert chose the hunky JP as her dream man. The season unfortunately drew a pretty negative response from fans. Visiting the #bachelorette live twitter feeds on Monday nights would show dozens of dozens of tweets from fans complaining of over-scripted action, lame dates (wedding photos anyone?), interesting fashion (yes Ames, we’re talking about your pink pants), and a slightly-more-then-self-conscious bachelorette (could Ashley have cried any more?).

I’ve been relying on the bachelorette/bachelor for a few years now for my weekly dose of ultra-trashy tv, and I have to say I was pretty disappointed by this season. In fact, I even tweeted one day that it’s a sad day when the live twitter feed is more entertaining then the show itself. The boys were cute…sort of, but the romance was just missing. So the whole season, I couldn’t help but anticipate the premiere of Bachelor Pad. Bachelor pad is the bachelorette’s unabashedly trashy drunken cousin. The drama is about 10x more intense, there’s an abundance of physical and sexually suggestive challenges every week between a group of hot young people forced to live in a fancy house together to vie for a lump of cash. It’s pretty much a perfect cocktail for good (or awful, depending on your pov) summer tv!

So what’s new this season? Well, if you don’t know the Jake/Vienna breakup story you should probably count yourself lucky. In fact, I’ve heard it so many times, I’d be pretty jealous of you. All you really need to know is that he was the bachelor, and chose her as his final girl. What followed was a messy series of he-said she-said tabloid articles involving fame-whoring, gold digging, and a clear need for some anger management therapy. So of course, both of them are on this season’s bachelor pad. And it only makes sense to invite Vienna’s boy friend Kasey (yes, “I’ll guard and protect your heart” Kasey) into the mix. I’d say I’m suspicious of Vienna and Jake’s intentions for coming on the show…but whose kidding who, every contestants intentions are pretty shady.

Unfortunately, the 3 hour premiere turned into a series of cuts between Vienna’s hurt face, Jake’s innocent/nice guy face, and poor Kasey just looked a little overwhelmed. It got old pretty quickly and I found myself hoping they’d just vote each other off soon so we could, I don’t know, get to know the other 17 people on the show. I honestly am a bit more interested in some of the other contestants. Michelle Money is definitely a fav. She has a reputation for being a fake, gold digging and abrasive seductress, but I think she may have a lot more going on behind the scenes. She revealed that her father is fighting colon cancer, and she hopes to use some of her $250,000 potential prize money to contribute to colon cancer research. I loved her line that “if you’ve ever hated, dated, or been engaged to someone, they’re probably going to be in the house” Preach it Michelle, you know the truth! (and aren’t afraid to say it)

I’m glad William from Ashley’s season is back to hopefully redeem himself for the whole roast debacle. Poor guy just couldn’t live it down. One of my fav moments was how offended Gia was when William dropped her during the challenge. But he saw the bright side…he was just happy he got to cuddle with one of the franchises most infamous ladies.

And of course, there is always the fashion to keep me entertained. I love Posssessionista for giving me my weekly dose of bachelor fashion. Not only are her live tweets laugh-till-you-can’t-breathe hilarious, but she posts some links to where you can buy some of the fav outfits the contestants are sporting. Check out her piece on the BP premiere here:

Do you watch Bachelor Pad or the Bachelor/Bachelorette? What do you think? 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fav Online Shopping Finds: Get Customized!

When its just too plain hot outside to do much at all many people do one of three things:
- Hit the beach and sweat like a dog
- Hit the mall and shop till you drop
- Stay at home, safe in the AC cuddled up in front of the tv or computer…oh the perks of modern civilization

I’m guilty of doing all three of those things! During the last heat wave here in tdot, I did some quality internet surfing! So I thought I’d share with you one of the jewels I just happened to dig up.

Whoever said boys don’t care what they wear have obviously never seen this website. The concept is simple really: they’re custom designed board shorts. So next time you hit the beach, your shorts can at least look cute while you melt. The site allows customers to design either male or female board shorts. You can add whatever design you want, customize the width and length of the shorts, play around with the design placement (I personally like the asymmetrical designs), and then if you want you can order your perfectly unique shorts. This is a great option for people who have trouble finding shorts that fit properly, or are great for team sports, or branded products. I thought it was pretty cool! Then when I went to the gallery boy was I surprised! There were hundreds of male boy short designs! I had a flashback to years and years ago when I was helping my younger cousin design her own Barbie clothes on the new Barbie site. This is like Barbie for boys! There were some pretty awesome designs too! They got totally into it. Here is one of my favs:

Take a look at some of the other unique designs!

If you’re not really a board shorts girl, check out this site. I have way too much fun on it when I’m bored and all my fav fashion blogs haven’t been updated. You can customize your own pair of heels (Carrie Bradshaw would die!) You can change the colour and material of the heel, the sole, and the outer shell. You can make them as crazy or tame as you want! I love mixing colours!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Celeb Tats: Hot or Not?

Everyone has their own opinions about tattoos. For some people they are a way to express themselves artistically, or pay tribute to something special in their lives. For others, tattoos can be a source of inner strength and a reminder to live their life to the fullest.

On the other end of the spectrum, others believe that tattoos will inevitably lead to regret. Sure that face tattoo was a good idea 20 years ago, but now it’s not looking so hot…

Whatever your opinion is on tattoos the important thing to remember is that it’s your opinion. If you want to ink yourself, go ahead and do it! Just remember, the rule of thumb is usually to wait at least a few months to allow yourself to think over your decision that will be on your body for the rest of your life. And steer away from super trendy tattoos, because as we know, trends change every year.

Celeb tattoos are always interesting because while some of them may be fabulous, others made a few rookie mistakes. I actually love Hayden Panettier’s tattoo. It says, "Vivere senza rimipianti" or "to live without regrets". The placement and font are both totally gorgeous. Problem is, Hayden forgot to use spell check and misspelled the Italian phrase. Whoops! 
Image credit: Contrariwise

 Rihanna’s neck tattoo is always a memorable one. While it’s not something I’d get, she totally rocks it!
Image credit: Fanshare

Jennifer Anniston recently had her dog Norman’s name inked on the inside of her foot. She had been incredibly close to him, and she wanted to honour his recent passing in a way that would allow her to pay homage to him for years to come. I’m a dog lover so what can I say, RIP Norman. Also, side note: I really love her shoes!
Image Credit: Fashion Beauty Trend

Penelope Cruz famously has the numbers “883” tattooed on her ankle. She has publicly refused to disclose exactly what the numbers stand for. I like that the tattoo is small and private..It’s kind of mysterious!
Image Credit: Vanishing Tattoo

So what do you guys think of tattoos? Do you have any? What’s your fav celeb tattoo?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer Skin Care: Tips and Tricks!

Everyone wants that perfect glowing summer skin…but sometimes the elements work against us. All that sun, heat, chlorine, and sunscreen can do a number on your skin. But it’s not completely hopeless! Just by taking a few simple steps you can start to see an improvement! At the beginning of the summer I know I was frustrated by my skin, and I really didn’t want to spend all of my lovely summer worrying about my skin or slathering on a million potions and lotions. The key to skin care is: make it easy, or you won’t stick to it!

The first thing you need to do is exfoliate. This is especially true if you plan on spending some time on the beach. If you don’t exfoliate, you may end up with dry patches of skin. Then, if you get any sort of tan, your skin will look uneven because the dry patches will stay a lighter colour while the rest of you tans. Not a fun look, but a super quick fix! Just use a little of your favorite exfoliator (I like ones in fun summer scents) while your in the shower and presto! You should find that your skin will start looking more even.

Moisturizing is crucial no matter what month of the year it is. It’ll keep your feet looking pedicure perfect, and your gams looking silky smooth! One tip with moisturizer: don’t get one of those shimmery lotions. Companies like the body shop make lotions with a “slight shimmer” that seem like a good idea for the summer. But all that ends up happening is that the sparkles gather in the dryer areas of your skin, and you just end up looking silly. Trust me, I’m speaking from experience here!

Sunscreen…it’s obvious but I had to say it! Especially for your face! I find that my face never tans quite evenly, and it frustrates me to no end! So I use a foundation with spf 20 in it (Bare Escentuals makes a good one ). Then, on top of that I use a facial sunscreen with a pretty high spf count. Then, instead of using the sun to match my face to my body, I use a tiny bit of my Bare Escentuals bronzer to even out my skin. That way I have control over the colour, and I can make sure the tone is even across my face. This is my fav little trick I’ve recently picked up! Plus, with all that sunscreen on your face you won’t have to worry about sunglasses tan, and it’s a great way to prevent sun spots and other signs of aging.

Lighten up on the makeup. Seriously ladies, do yourself a huge favor and put that thick liquid foundation aside for the summer. Opt for a thinner mineral powder, or if you can swing it, nothing at all! With all this crazy heat we’ve been getting lately, most makeup will just end up melting in the summer heat anyways. If you are wearing some, make sure to carry some blotting pads with you so you won’t have to feel greasy. That is the worst feeling ever.

and most important of all...don't forget to drink water!

What is your summer skin routine? Any tips or tricks to share?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Taking your Fav Summer Looks From Day to Night!

I love the summer because there's always a fabulous mix of casual days at the beach and shopping strolls with friends, as well as glamorous galas, premieres, and weddings. So a gal has to be prepared for both! But all those fabulous events, as chic and fun as they are, can really add up! A girl only has so many glitzy dresses in her closet. And there's something about the summer sun that just makes you want to shop shop shop till you drop! I always find the hardest thing about budgeting during the summer is that I have to account for both casual and fancier summer clothes. So my favourite thing, to get the most bang for my buck is to find pieces that can be used during the day and the night. That way, that fab new top can get more use out of it then just for a fancy dinner or two.

My first look uses a cute and super trendy shift dress. It's a great statement piece that really stands out! But my favorite thing about it, is that you can actually dress it down quite easily. It's long enough to even wear to the office, and the light weight fabric makes it comfy for all day wear. For the day look, I paired the dress with simple accessories that add a pop of colour and sparkle. Then I added a jean jacket (for those chilly air conditioned malls). Finnish off the look with a pair of adorable sandals and you're looking like you walked out of a magazine!

To transition the look into night time just throw on some sky high heels. I picked heels in a deep plum to add a little extra personality. I also choose statement accessories so you'll have all eyes on you at that gala you have coming up. Maybe you'll even meet a cute celeb!

My next look uses a simple, but bold green tank. I pair the tank with some of this season's trendy high waisted tie shorts. Then, I add another trendy piece, Sseko sandals, which are super comfy so you can walk all day and save your feet for those crazy high heels at night! I also chose accessories that can transition easily into night so you won't have to change them!
To bring this look up a notch and ready for that hot date I added a black pencil skirt, and fun belt. It will define your waist and show off that cute figure! Add a pair of unique statement heels, a simple clutch, a splash of mascara, and a pop of colour on your lips and voila!  Date ready in an instant!

Do you have pieces in your wardrobe that bring you from day to night? Don't forget to check out my Polyvore and maybe make a few creations of your own! If you do, be sure to share them with us!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Beach Chic!

After spending the majority of the long weekend at the beach catching some rays I thought I’d write a post about my favorite beach fashion trends (and my not so favorite ones…)

First of all, the most important thing, beyond what your wearing, is to show some good beach etiquette. Being kind and courteous is a fabulous accessory that’s always in season! I can’t tell you how many times last weekend I almost got smacked in the face by a Frisbee. The beach is definitely a great plae to catch up on your Frisbee game…just make sure to do it in an open space! That way, if someone misses a toss, you won’t risk giving an innocent beach goer a black eye! After almost getting hit twice, I was actually a bit nervous to just relax and close my eyes, incase a Frisbee came my way again!

Now onto the best part, the fashion!

First my fashion Don’ts:
-       Do not pick a bathing suit that is the same colour (or close to) your skin tone. You will look naked from 30 feet away! Plus, it’s just not very fun!
-       Be careful when picking out a monokini. They’re totally cute as long as you’re wearing super high spf sunscreen or staying in the shade. Weird cutout tan lines will not look so stylish when, 2 days later you bring back your two piece.

My Fashion Dos:
-       Do rock a fashionable hate – it’s practical, sun safe, and totally chic!
-       Do try bandeaus – no icky tanlines!
-       Do rock your body! Confidence is the best accessory! Strut your stuff like you’re on a runway in Paris!
-       Don’t be afraid of colour – it’s summer people!

Here are some of my favorite Beach Fashion looks that I’ve put together:

Beach Chic - Yellow

Beach Chic - Coral

Beach Chic

Head to Polyvore and create your own beach look! Then send it to me at and share your creativity! Also, check out all my other Polyvore creations (That site is just way too fun!)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Planning a Fashionable and Fun Canada Day!

Break out the Molsons, the flags, the fireworks, and the beavertails…It’s Canada Day this weekend! If you’re in the GTA it’s looking like the weather is going to be fab (knock on wood!) so it’s the perfect occasion for a picnic. When I say picnic, I don’t mean, a bucket of KFC on a lawn with some bottles of pop (though that’s totally cool too). This year I’ve decided I’m going to get a bit more creative and chic for my Canada Day picnic. I’m going to trade in the Molsons for some of the unique summer wine pairings Food and Wine Magazine recently published. I’m also going to attempt to amp up my usual pasta salad. And of course, no summer picnic would be complete without some stylin’ threads.

Wine pairings can definitely be a bit daunting. All those different brands, regions, and grapes just send me through a tailspin. Its at times like this that I turn to the experts! I found a fabulous Food and Wine article that had a list of pairings for all your fav summer foods. I paid particular attention to the grilled foods pairings. Because Canada Day is a great excuse to give my BBQ a good workout.

I love a good grilled fish and am a bit of a citrus addict so I was particularly intrigued by this pairing:

On the Grill: Halibut or other light fish, vegetables, citrus marinades

In the Bottle: Aromatic, zesty white: Sauvignon Blanc, Albariño

But I also know I’m going to be making some steak for my guests:

The Food: Barbecued ribs, leg of lamb, steaks

Classic Pairing: Powerful, tannic red: Cabernet Sauvignon, French Syrah

Then, for the non-wine drinkers I’m going to whip up a batch of freshly made Mojitos! The perfect refreshing drink for a hot summer day!

For Décor, it can sometimes be a challenge to avoid going from Patriotic to super kitschy. Sure, a good dose of kitsch is appropriate for Canada Day, but my backyard doesn’t have to look like a party packagers exploded onto it. I am in love with these plates from a Style at Home article. They are definitely drool-worthy. Head to discount chains to find plates like these ones sale. And the best part is, because they’re not decorate din maple leafs, they are actually perfect for every day use.

For dessert, I’m making mini Strawberry Shortcakes. Just make a vanilla cupcake. Then slice the top off. Pile some freshly whipped cream and sliced strawberries on top of the bottom then put the cupcake top back on. Pile on more whipped cream and berries and voila! A delish and appropriately colored dessert! Then, arrange them on a cupcake stand with red cupcake liners and you have turned your dessert into décor too! Put some red jelly beans, nibs, and Swedish Berries in small clear bowl, and arrange them around the cupcake stand for the perfect sweets table!

Of course, fashion is almost as important as the food. My #1 Canada Day rule is to keep your outfit comfy so you can wear it from early brunch right till the end of nighttime fireworks. Here’s an outfit similar to what I’ll be wearing this weekend:

Canada Day Fun

White tee
$25 -

$50 -

Burberry Brit striped handbag
£375 -

Wooden jewelry
$195 -

Pixie ring
$79 -

Flower hat
$18 -

It’s the perfect dose of white and red so I’m showing my national pride in style. Note, my new fav find, Sseko Sandals. I’ve been wearing the Starboard straps all week, but this weekend I’ll be switching them out for my red straps (yep, that’s right…if you didn’t know, they’re interchangeable!) Read more about Sseko fair trade sandals on last week’s blog here.

Have a lovely Canada Day everyone…eh!

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