Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fav Online Shopping Finds: Get Customized!

When its just too plain hot outside to do much at all many people do one of three things:
- Hit the beach and sweat like a dog
- Hit the mall and shop till you drop
- Stay at home, safe in the AC cuddled up in front of the tv or computer…oh the perks of modern civilization

I’m guilty of doing all three of those things! During the last heat wave here in tdot, I did some quality internet surfing! So I thought I’d share with you one of the jewels I just happened to dig up.

Whoever said boys don’t care what they wear have obviously never seen this website. The concept is simple really: they’re custom designed board shorts. So next time you hit the beach, your shorts can at least look cute while you melt. The site allows customers to design either male or female board shorts. You can add whatever design you want, customize the width and length of the shorts, play around with the design placement (I personally like the asymmetrical designs), and then if you want you can order your perfectly unique shorts. This is a great option for people who have trouble finding shorts that fit properly, or are great for team sports, or branded products. I thought it was pretty cool! Then when I went to the gallery boy was I surprised! There were hundreds of male boy short designs! I had a flashback to years and years ago when I was helping my younger cousin design her own Barbie clothes on the new Barbie site. This is like Barbie for boys! There were some pretty awesome designs too! They got totally into it. Here is one of my favs:

Take a look at some of the other unique designs!

If you’re not really a board shorts girl, check out this site. I have way too much fun on it when I’m bored and all my fav fashion blogs haven’t been updated. You can customize your own pair of heels (Carrie Bradshaw would die!) You can change the colour and material of the heel, the sole, and the outer shell. You can make them as crazy or tame as you want! I love mixing colours!

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