Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer Skin Care: Tips and Tricks!

Everyone wants that perfect glowing summer skin…but sometimes the elements work against us. All that sun, heat, chlorine, and sunscreen can do a number on your skin. But it’s not completely hopeless! Just by taking a few simple steps you can start to see an improvement! At the beginning of the summer I know I was frustrated by my skin, and I really didn’t want to spend all of my lovely summer worrying about my skin or slathering on a million potions and lotions. The key to skin care is: make it easy, or you won’t stick to it!

The first thing you need to do is exfoliate. This is especially true if you plan on spending some time on the beach. If you don’t exfoliate, you may end up with dry patches of skin. Then, if you get any sort of tan, your skin will look uneven because the dry patches will stay a lighter colour while the rest of you tans. Not a fun look, but a super quick fix! Just use a little of your favorite exfoliator (I like ones in fun summer scents) while your in the shower and presto! You should find that your skin will start looking more even.

Moisturizing is crucial no matter what month of the year it is. It’ll keep your feet looking pedicure perfect, and your gams looking silky smooth! One tip with moisturizer: don’t get one of those shimmery lotions. Companies like the body shop make lotions with a “slight shimmer” that seem like a good idea for the summer. But all that ends up happening is that the sparkles gather in the dryer areas of your skin, and you just end up looking silly. Trust me, I’m speaking from experience here!

Sunscreen…it’s obvious but I had to say it! Especially for your face! I find that my face never tans quite evenly, and it frustrates me to no end! So I use a foundation with spf 20 in it (Bare Escentuals makes a good one ). Then, on top of that I use a facial sunscreen with a pretty high spf count. Then, instead of using the sun to match my face to my body, I use a tiny bit of my Bare Escentuals bronzer to even out my skin. That way I have control over the colour, and I can make sure the tone is even across my face. This is my fav little trick I’ve recently picked up! Plus, with all that sunscreen on your face you won’t have to worry about sunglasses tan, and it’s a great way to prevent sun spots and other signs of aging.

Lighten up on the makeup. Seriously ladies, do yourself a huge favor and put that thick liquid foundation aside for the summer. Opt for a thinner mineral powder, or if you can swing it, nothing at all! With all this crazy heat we’ve been getting lately, most makeup will just end up melting in the summer heat anyways. If you are wearing some, make sure to carry some blotting pads with you so you won’t have to feel greasy. That is the worst feeling ever.

and most important of all...don't forget to drink water!

What is your summer skin routine? Any tips or tricks to share?

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  1. This one is crucially looking one of the epic source to get the massive skincare tips for summer. According to my sense, to get the natural radiant skin, we should drink plenty of water on daily basis. And we should also intake the green vegetable and fruits. Thanks for sharing.


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