Thursday, September 8, 2011

First Day of School Jitters!

If Twitter’s trending topics are any indication, then it must be the first day of school this week! So get out your fresh notebooks, pens, perfectly sharpened pencils, and new backpacks and hop on the big yellow school bus.

Whether you’re a child heading to middle school for the first time, a university student moving into your new dorm, or a mature adult heading back, the first day of school evokes a kind of unique excitement. Sure you’re terrified of making new friends, impressing your teachers, and making sure your hair looks the best it can. But you’re also running on first day adrenaline, the rush of a fresh start keeping you pumping energy like an energizer bunny. Nothing can stop you!

For me, my favorite part of September was back-to-school shopping, and no, I’m not just talking about getting new clothes (though I loved that too!). I’m one of those odd people who just love the feeling of walking into Staples. It’s like my nerdy wonderland. Sure a new shirt is fun, but what about new post-its! In fun colours and shapes! And don’t even get me started on notebooks…

But for those normal people who still get excited about clothes here are some of my fav back-to-school outfit ideas for elementary school, high school, and university. The key to choosing an outfit for the first day (or week) is to look put together without looking like your mother picked your outfit for you…you don’t want to look like you’re trying to hard. What not to do: here’s me my first day of kindergarten. Mom, I love you…but no. It’s a wonder I didn’t get any pudding thrown at me!

So a good mix of casual and nicer pieces is the perfect way to go. Is it sad that the high school outfit is pretty much my outfit today…

First Day of Elementary School

I'm kind of in love with that orange backpack. Add one of our famous MOGO charm bracelets to this and you've got the outfit I wish I was wearing above.

First Day of High School
Is it sad that I'm literally wearing almost this exact outfit today, except with a killer Steve Madden bag.

First Day of University

Also, make sure to check out our splash sale today! These cute little crayon holders are perfectly for craft time with your little one.

And for us grownups, who have graduated from the school world to the wonderful world of full time employment, check out these crystal lanyards. You wear your ID card every day, and that boring old black lanyard is just killing your outfit. But these lanyards are totally blinged out. They’re covered with crystals so now even your ID cards can looks stylish (who knew!) Find them here.

Do you have any favorite back to school memories? Post your back to school outfits!

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