Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Planning a Royal Party!

There hasn’t been a wedding this big since princess di! So why not use it as an excuse to gather all your closest friends and throw a good ol’ fashioned partay! I can’t help but be fascinated with all this royal wedding business. I know all about Kate’s gorg ring, the type of gold being used for her wedding band, what dresses she might wear, and who is on the guest list (and who is not). Thanks to the Internet (and a weeks worth of wedding specials on TLC), even if I wanted to ignore all this wedding hubbub I couldn’t. I sadly even know that a jelly bean with a design resembling Kate’s face is selling for more than 500 pounds on Ebay (now that is one expensive jelly bean!).

Now you have two routes to go if you want to do a royal wedding viewing party. You can choose to host a classy, British high tea type party with cocktail dresses, crustless cucumber sandwiches, pastries, and classic decorations. Or you can go all the way and kitsch-out your house. Yes, that means union jack streamers and plates, fake Kate engagement rings (use blue raspberry ring pops for an edible version), and maybe even some old wedding dresses. You could even have an ugly bridesmaid dress competition!

Another decision you’ll have to make is what time you want to watch the wedding at. If you’re a trooper you can watch the live early morning 4am broadcast. Or, if you’d rather wait for a more comfortable time, it will be on again at 9pm on Global. The time you choose to run your party at will surely impact what food/drinks you’ll be serving.

At Early Morning Parties:
-       Coffee
-       Tea (obviously!) In cute vintage tea cups if you have any
-       Scones
-       Light sandwiches (cucumber and cream cheese is a popular choice)
-       Fruit

At a nighttime party you definitely have a few more options. If you have ever worked with Fondant before (I promise, its not as scary as it sounds!), it would be fun to use it to decorate a load of sweets for your guests. Using red, white, blue, and gold fondant make cookies in the shape of the British flag, wedding ring cookies, cookies shaped like wedding dresses, crown cookies, or pretty much any kitschy fun shaped cookie you can think of! You can also serve a British style sit down dinner with delicious dishes like fish and chips (served old school in newspaper) and trifle.

You can pump up the party with some royal trivia, a best wedding photo competition, a worst wedding photo competition, and maybe even place some bets on whether Harry’s going to marry Chelsea Davvy.

Are you going to watch the royal wedding? I have to admit I am planning on watching it, and I have even painted my nails a metallic gold colour to commemorate the royal occasion. Now we’ll just have to see if I’m able to drag myself out of bed at 4 to watch it!

check out this hilarious royal spoof of the wedding dance video that was so popular last year. So many crazy hats in one video!

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  1. love love love this. thanks for another inspired post. if you get a free second stop by and check out pics from LA's hottest event held last night. The fash is bananas. xoxo

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