Friday, April 8, 2011

What are your purse must-haves?

Today it’s all about one of my favorite accessories: the handbag. We usually focus on the outside of the bag but today we’re going to flip things around a bit and look at what should be inside the bag!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve reached into my purse, needing an essential and discovered I had forgotten it. If only Marry Poppins would lend me her purse for a few days. I could pack a whole bedroom worth of essentials!
But of course (and unfortunately) Mary Poppins is a fictional character, and so is her bag. So for me, its really important to items to include in my purse that are multi functional and of course stylish!

Here’s my list of purse essentials. I rarely leave the house without arming myself with most of these items:

-       A Pen/small notebook
-       A hair elastic
-       A compact: After sitting in an office all day you may feel like your hair or makeup is in need of a touchup. Pack a small compact so you won’t have to try to check out your reflection in your computer screen or your phone (its not easy!). The UNII compact is a newly hooked product from Orangefish that has a magnetic bottom half so you can store any combination of eyeshadow/blush/foundation pans in the compact. Now you can do your makeup touches hassle-free. My favorite part is you can fit in pans from a variety of brands so you aren’t stuck using a single brand. Makeup clutter is history!
-       Lip Gloss/Balm: This is a definite essential for any gal’s purse. You never know when you’re going to run into that cute co-worker, or have a last minute dinner date. Whether you’re wearing makeup or not lip gloss can instantly freshen your face and bring attention to your mouth (and all the interesting stuff you’re talking about). I love the DaLish lip gloss or 3 awesome reasons. 1, it is multifunctional. Each gloss comes with two colours: one for night and one for day. Can you say convenient and practical! 2, the lip gloss and all other DaLish products are 100% animal cruelty free! You’d be surprised as to how difficult it is in your drugstore to find cruelty-free beauty products. 3, the quality and colours are simple gorgeous. Make your lips your best accessory! It’s also always a good idea to have some lip balm in your purse. In the winter, when your lips are chapped, they’ll thank you for a little relief. Then, in the summer, make sure your balm has SPF 20 to make sure you protect them from the hot sun. The Ballmania lip balm is great for your lips and comes in a fun shape and a variety of stylish patterns.
-       Business Card Case: It is always a good idea to carry a few of your business cards because you never know who you might run into! But why not make an extra special impression by pulling your card out of a stylish business card case. These glam ones are my favorite and I love that you can coordinate them with other purse accessories. You can match them to a tampon case (to save you from an embarrassing moment), a purse hanger (to keep your purse off dirty floors), and a USB stick (an essential in our computer driven world).
-       Keys: Well this might seem like an obvious essential. But, we’ve all experienced that panic stricken moment where we thought we lost our keys. Then, we end up finding them buried in the corner of your purse. The key charm is a great stylish solution that keeps your keys near the top of your purse and also works as an accessory.
-       An iPod/MP3: An essential to make long bus or subway rides a bit more enjoyable. Add a pair of Chic Buds Earphones to bring a little extra style to your listening device. The Swarovski crystals give off just the right amount of sparkle!
-       A granola bar (you never know when you’ll get hungry!)
-       A wallet
-       Gum (just in case your decide to get the garlic cream cheese on your morning bagel)

What is the item you just HAVE to have in your purse?


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