Saturday, May 28, 2011

Super Zeroes to the Rescue!

Kids grow up surrounded by images are perfect, indestructible heroes like Superman, Batman, and Spiderman. But normal people aren’t perfect! We all have our own flaws and our kids should have heroes to look up to that have flaws too!

Super Zeroes is a unique line of stuffed toys for children. They’re bright, colourful, whimsical, and super fun! Super Zeroes are just like you and me. They have all have a super strength like climbing, but there’s a small problem… They also all have a flaw or fear that can sometimes get in the way! Just like us, they have to find ways and work with their friends for their super strengths to shine.

Each Super Zero comes with a cape that turns into a comforter for your little one and a pouch attached to their utility belt that can hold a pacifier and keep it clean. You can even put a cute note in the pouch to put a smile on your child’s face!

These little guys will be special friends for your child and will teach them to embrace their unique selves, flaws and all!

Meet the Super Zero squad:

Zonk the Monkey is a super climber. He can climb any tree, building, or vine in record time. But unfortunately Zonk is afraid of heights! When he gets near the top of a tree his knees go weak and he has to scurry back down to solid ground.

Zigg the Tiger has awesome creative ideas, you could even say he has Super ideas! But Zigg also has a bad memory, and tends to forget these ideas! Thank goodness his friends are always around to remind him.

Zipo the Hippo can swim super fast. Michael Phelps had better watch out, Zipo is the favorite contender for the next Olympics. But Zipo hates getting wet. Maybe that’s why he swims so fast!

Zebu the Zebra is the hide and seek champion. But he always seems to get lost! Thank goodness his friend Zipo bought him a GPS for his birthday!

Zozo the Crocodile can chew through anything. But his teeth are always dirty and he has to visit the dentist often. His toothbrush is kept very busy!

Zaza the Mouse can crawl through super small spaces. But like many people, Zaza is afraid of the dark! Zonk helped her out and bought her a special flashlight so she won’t be afraid anymore.

Zola the Koala can stay awake all night but she falls asleep during the day and her friends have to keep waking her up!

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