Friday, June 10, 2011

Goodies for Men...On Sale!

If you’re looking for the perfect Father’s Day gift without breaking the bank we have a sale for you! We’re featuring some of our best men’s products at discounted prices so you can treat your dad like a King and still keep to a budget. There’s a little something for dads who like sports, stylish dads, sentimental dads, and every other kind of dad you can think of! Or if the men in your life have summer birthdays, why not stock up on gifts now and save yourself money and time later on!

Do you know a man who dreams of being a rock star? Start with this classic vintage leather belt with beautifully embossed "Rock Star" lettering, hand painted leather buckle and vintage style leather strap. This belt is the perfect accessory for that hip outfit. So even if he can’t rock out in front of a crow of thousands, he can sport this fun belt and sing along to the radio or bust out some wicked karaoke tunes. Pair the belt with his favorite CD or tickets to a concert for a unique gift.
Maybe your dad, boyfriend, or brother doesn’t want to be a rock star himself, but just wants to enjoy tunes created by the experts. Maybe he’s bored of his plain ol’ headphones. Now he can add a personal touch to his iPod or smart phone with Rock Buds. These stylish headphones are decorated with cool designs that will express his personal style. And the retractor ensures that his ear buds will never get tangled again. These headphones make the perfect gift for anyone from a teenager to someone in their forties. Everyone could use a little extra style in their life!

For the tech savvy man, the circuit board business case is the perfect gift! The circuit board may have been designed for use in a computer, an electronics component, a phone, or a television - why not a business card case. This product captures the intrinsic beauty of technology while providing an environmentally friendly alternative to the circuit boards being disposed of in landfills. Each product may vary by color and pattern making every item unique - virtually one of a kind, just like your favorite guy!

Summer weather means that men everywhere are taking to the golf course. But now they can take their favorite game to the boardroom, or out to a fancy dinner. These Golf themed cufflinks come in a set of 6 that can be mixed and matched to suit his mood.

Head to and check out the Man Sale today for your next great deal!

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