Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Little Bit of Puppy Love

Man’s best friend has been bringing a little extra love to our lives for centuries. From King Henry, to the cast of Air Bud, to Tinsel town’s finest, our furry friends have been along for the ride, and have made life a little sweeter.

People like to say that these days a dog is the perfect accessory. But I think they’re so much more then that. Sure, a dog is one of Hollywood’s hottest trends, but they’re more then just a pair of cute shoes. They’re a source of love, comfort, and happiness. Nothing makes a day better then a good old-fashioned cuddle with your favorite furry friend. 

Maybe that’s why celebrities are often photographed with their special pooches. Their lives are undoubtedly stress-filled. People judging them, starting rumours, getting jealous, and the list goes on. But animals love unconditionally. They’ll never call you fat or say your new haircut sucks. They’ll just give you a big wet kiss and look up at you with their big cute eyes.

And of course you can dress your dog up with adorable leashes (and maybe even match their leash to your outfit) and you’ll look totally stylish! Some dog clothes can look a bit cheesy (and the dogs usually look uncomfortable). The key is: keep it simple. One small accessory like a cute leash does a double duty. It’s practical, and adds just the right amount of bling. I once tried to dress up my own dog and boy did he hate it! Never again! Instead, i opted for chic cute collar with dog friendly charms that show off both his and my unique personalities. I love that MOGO charm bands can be linked together and decorated with your fav charms to make the perfect dog collar! It's an easy, cheap, and totally stylish solution!

Here are some of my favorite Celeb pet pictures. Gotta smile at all the love going on!



All above photos are courtesy of E Online

And for kicks, here’s a pic of my fav little buddy: my dog Cody chillin' at the beach (look at that smile!)

Plus, stay on the lookout for a new pet product this friday! It'll keep your puppy safe (and looking cute)

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