Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Gifts Worthy of Great Dad!

Fathers do so much for us. They drive us to our soccer games, and cheer from the sidelines. They help us put up shelves in our bedrooms to display our dolls and trophies. They drive us to our first day of school and wish us luck. They have “the talk” with our first boyfriend/girlfriend and tell them that they better not hurt us. Dads support us, cheer on our dreams, walk us down the ailse, and give us more love then we could ever ask for. So its only fair that every year we devote a full day to recognizing how important they are to us. So to all the dads out there, Happy Fathers Day!

For everything he does for you, he deserves to be treated like a king for the day! And Kings get lots of awesome goodies! Here’s my guide to picking our the perfect gift for your dad.

Sports Fan
Does your dad reserve the tv every Sunday night for football? Has he got your whole house excited for the Stanley Cup finals? Does he cherish his sports jersey collection? If this sounds like your dad, he’ll be sure to love these sports themed bowls. In Volleyball, Soccerball, Football, and Baseball designs you can pick your dad’s fav sport or collect them all!

 The Stylish Guy
If your dad respects a well cut suit, never wears brown or white socks with black shoes, and always makes sure his shirts are well pressed, then these stylish cufflinks are for him! The Watch Movement cufflinks are a unique twist on the traditional cufflink. So your dad will look put together but unique. Taken from watches of the early to mid 20th Century, the gears, levers and jewels that make up these cufflinks are totally chic. They’re sterling silver, and come with a certificate of authenticity. The perfect piece of luxury for the dad who deserves to be king for a day.
The Computer Savvy Dad
Every king needs a USB stick worthy of holding all his important royal computer files. This metallic USB stick matches the sheen on a royal crown. The fun shape is a great deviation from traditional boring USB sticks. So whether he’s a King, a businessman, or a #1 dad, this USB stick is a great addition to his office!

 Or if your dad is always quoting from Star Wars, he’ll love this Obiwan USB stick. Obiwan is one of the few major characters to appear in all of the six Star Wars films.  He is responsible for tutoring Luke in the ways of the force. Show your dad how much he has taught you with this fab gift! Then treat him to a Star Wars movie marathon, snacks included.

 The Cuddly Dad
When your not there to give your dad a big hug, this warm fuzzy blanket will be a cozy alternative. At home or away, indoors or out, these comfortable mid-weight blankets soften the demands of everyday life. Inspired by the memory of a cherished childhood blanket, these distinctive jacquard woven ChappyWraps are made using the best materials and craftsmanship. Every blanket is large enough to use as a bed blanket or as a generous throw. ChappyWraps are sure to become your everyday blankets...for life. There are a large selection of Chappy Wraps so you can pick the colour and design that fit your dad’s personality:

sports themed blankets that feature baseball, football, and soccer motifs. Your dad will be reminded of all his family sports game memories every time he wraps himself in the blanket.
And for the Dad who can’t get enough of Tim Hortons commercials and hockey there are Canadian themed wraps with Canadian colours and motifs. And of course, there’s a hockey blanket too just in time for Stanley Cup finals!
And most importantly, take some time out of your busy day and give your dad a big ol’ hug. Write him an encouraging note, cook him a special dinner, or just remind him of how much he means to you.

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