Thursday, June 16, 2011

What to Wear: Wedding Guest Edition

With the film “Bridesmaids” gaining more popularity every week, wedding fashion is at the forefront of my mind. During the royal wedding, there was nearly as much press for Beatrice’s hat then for Kate herself (it even got its own Facebook page!)

While what the bride wears is obviously important, so is what the guests wear. You never know you who might run into at a wedding (your ex, your high school crush, that girl who started a mean rumor about you, etc). So of course, you want to look hot! (but not too hot!). There’s a careful balance to achieve between sexy and well…you get my drift.

For me, at summer weddings I just want to bust out the florals, the pastels, or even this seasons trendy bright colours. Ladies, leave the neutrals and dark colours for your winter weddings. There are all sorts of rules that people used to need to follow for weddings, but these days its pretty much anything goes. Do be mindful of the church’s rules though. You may want to bring a shrug or small jacket to cover your shoulder just in case. AT one point, guests strayed away from black and white at weddings, but I still see people wearing both. The most important thing is that you wear whatever you feel confident and beautiful in. A smile and a good strut is your best accessory!

Here are a few looks I’ve put together using some of this seasons hottest trends:

The One Shoulder
I love how popular the one shoulder dress has become. It is chic and sexy without showing too much skin. Pair a plainer dress with embellished or patterned accessories to add a little extra personality.

The Stylish Wedding Guest

The Fascinator
The Fascinator has become infamous after the parade of them at the royal wedding. But they can also be seen at the Kentucky Derby, other horse races, and in wedding ceremonies across England. So if you’re looking to take a fashion risk and try out this trend here’s a little inspiration:
English Wedding Guest

 What do you like to wear to weddings? Feel free to post your own wedding polyvore creation!

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