Monday, June 28, 2010

Bringing Swagger to Suburbia

I love a good laugh (and after the G20 madness I think we all need one). So when I was browsing around Youtube this morning, and found this video, I thought I just HAD to share it on my blog.

“This one goes out to all you minivan families out there. Sienna SE in the house.”

The video’s called “Swagger Wagon” and it features a mother, a father and 2 adorable toddlers rapping about suburban life and how they “roll hard through the streets and the cul-de-sacs”. It’s the perfect recipe for laugh-until-you-can’t-breathe hilarity. You can bet I forwarded this to a bunch of my Facebook friends. Watch out for when the blonde toddlers start busting out the breakdance moves, or when mom raps about her mean cupcake skills. The video is a viral advertisement for Toyota’s Sienna SE. I’m guessing there’s a very happy marketing team somewhere out there, as the Sienna family takes over YouTube.

I guess I can stop telling you how hilarious it is and let you watch it for yourself.

warning: There’s about a 99% chance this song will get stuck in your head.

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