Wednesday, June 23, 2010

P Squared: Pretty and Practical

Bits, bytes, megabytes. It all sounds so blah and boring to me. This is a style emergency! But don’t worry, as always I have a fashionista-friendly fix! Mimobot’s newest usb drive, Fairybit is probably the cutest thing to hit the gadget world in a while. Bright blue, and fully outfitted with a pair of fairywings and a voice that’s activated when you plug her in, it’s no wonder she’s so popular! Perfect for the office, school, or just to use at home, Fairybit will store your data in style. You may even find others looking at your “Ultra Stylish Buy” longingly with a glint of jealousy in their eye.
Banish Blah and Boring forever; get your own Fairybit at

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