Friday, July 23, 2010

Getting my Beach on with

On Wednesday July 21st , Orangefish held a fabulous event “The Heat is On: From the Boardroom to the Beach” at Verity, a chic women’s club in Toronto. We had amazing speakers from puh-Nash, Perceptions EyewearFit, Firm ‘n Fab and Indigo Books who gave us some great tips about making the most out of the summer.
A few things I learned:
  * Bikinis aren’t appropriate for the office. Okay, so maybe I already knew that, but Nashly from puh-Nash showed us that you can take your style from the boardroom to the beach (and still look like the savvy professional you are).  It’s all about the accessories! You can take a cute dress and wear it to the beach, work, and out on a hot date using statement jewelry, a blazer, and killer heels. Talk about multitasking!

  Glasses can tell a lot about a person if they’re chosen right. They are not just functional but are also an accessory. This calls for a shopping trip for some new shades!
  * The last time you ate that ooey gooey piece of cheese pizza did you say “its okay I’ll just walk home extra fast”. Sorry, but it doesn’t work that way guys. Eating healthy real, unprocessed foods is the key to looking hot in your favorite bikini. Check out this crazy video on guest speaker Funk Roberts' fitness blog.
  * We all love those late summer nights out but they could actually be keeping you from trimming down your waistline. People who get less than 8 hours of sleep find it more difficult to lose weight. And with summer’s shortened hemlines what girl wants that? Sounds like it’s time for a nap for me! Bring on the chamomile tea and pjs!
     * I now have a reading list of at least 20 books to get through while I soak up some rays on the beach. I better put down Cosmo and get going! On my list:
And what’s an event without prizes. There was no shortage in this area at the event! They included:
From puh-Nash:
A pair of super cute sparkly gold flip flops

From Perceptions Eyewear:
From Fit, Firm, ‘n Fab:
an e-book about keeping fit

Congrats to the lucky winners! But everyone was a winner for attending and taking time to do something for themselves. And I can’t leave out the amazing giftbags! They included some awesome swag like the popular book “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”, 2 tote bags, soap, and 3 gift certificates. Participants left feeling rejuvenated, motivated and inspired… and they also felt like shopping!


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