Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Jet-Setting In Style

Galaxy Girl here. This week I have a confession to make: 
I, Galaxy girl, am a bra addict. I just love them all - lacy, frilly, sexy, stylish and colourful – they each have a purpose! I’m also a chronic overpacker so when I go on vacation I know how much I hate cramming my brand new fancy delicates into an overstuffed suitcase (standing on your suitcase so you can zip it shut can’t possibly be good!) Us girls are experts at fitting a years worth of clothes into the tiniest of suitcases. But we shouldn’t have to damage our clothes to do it. A lumpy brazier is definitely not so stylish; a big fashion no-no. But who really has the time (or patience!) to painstakenly arrange our suitcases and stuff stocks around our them so they won’t get crushed. I’d rather be getting a manicure (or buying even more bras!)

The bra bag offers a solution that every girl would love! It doesn’t sacrifice any space and protects your delicates at the same time. And it’s super stylish so it’s fashionista-friendly! My favorite is the Tiffany Bag and its matching panty bag. I just love all the girly polka dots. I’m going on vacation soon and you can bet Tiffany will be in my suitcase! What’s your favorite bra bag design?


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