Thursday, February 16, 2012

Making A Difference, One Dollar at a Time

Since this week is Valentine’s Day we wanted to continue to share the love. But perhaps a different kind of love then the romantic love celebrated on February 14. How about a shared love for every human on earth? It’s easy to get wrapped up in our chocolate and sparkly goodies and forget that someone, somewhere in the world is hurting. And yes, it can be upsetting watching the news and feeling like, not matter how much you care, there’s not a lot you can do. And sometimes that’s true….but not always! There are so many fabulous people today that are making it easier for everyone to extend a helping hand to a person a world away who maybe isn’t sure where there next meal is coming from.

We found ZOE Alliance and are so excited to be teaming up with them this week. ZOE works to provide meaningful employment in small villages around the world, ensuring fair wages and skills training.

ZOE works with businesses like Orangefish so that you guys, through purchasing high quality, unique products, can help out in areas like Haiti.

For example, one of our new products this week is a board game called “Ti Ta To 10.” Each purchase of Ti Ta To 10 ensures more than an economy and jobs, it ensures sustainable development for an entire community.
Proceeds will go towards:
  • Provide adult vocational training in computer skills and English
  • Additional areas of study include: wood carving, sewing, adult literacy, and other subjects
  • Provide funding to develop grade 7,8 and 9 schooling

Curious about the game? Here’s how you play and the story behind it!

From Haiti we travel to India where beautiful silk and cotton throw blankets are helping women in the rural regions of Dharmapuri.

Finally we head to Guatemala. This fabulous handcrafted Jadeite Jade pendant is bringing a little extra sparkle to the lives of individuals in Guatemala.

Check out these products and start making a difference today!  

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