Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spring Cleaning Round 1 - My Jewelry Box

Okay, so to all my friends it’s no mystery that I love Spring!. In February I count down the days until I can break out my extensive dress collection, my pastel-coloured tops, my bright nail polishes, and my cute flats.

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 April and May roll around, and there’s a little skip in my step, and a smile on my face until one day I take a good look around my house and see the cold, dirty truth. My jewelry box is overflowing, my closet is filled to the brim, there’s a little too much leftover winter grime on my windows.
Time for Spring Cleaning! It really isn’t that bad…after you’re done. I always feel about a million times better once I’ve sorted through all my winter baggage and cleared room for a new spring fresh start. But nevertheless, I don’t exactly look forward to all that carpet cleaning, closet sorting andceiling dusting madness. I just wish my cleaning lady would take on this job as well but I guess it is really me that has to go through my closet to make some tough decisions.

So to make things a little less overwhelming I like to break things down into smaller, more manageable tasks. Last week I tackled my jewelry box. I went through the box and really asked myself what I should get rid of. No point taking up valuable space with pieces that I don’t wear or need. I made a pile of the jewelry I’ve had forever and no longer wear, the Pieces I have from friends or family and hate to part with but are outdated, Pieces that Ihave lost or broken (I have waaay too many single earrings too). Of course, with the pieces that are still in good shape, I always feel so horrible having to throw them away.

Here are some fresh ideas to help reduce, reuse and recyle – I want to do my part to help the planet too!  So instead of tossing them in the trash bin I:

·      look to see if any local jewelry designers can re-use the pieces, or even create something new for me from those pieces.
·      try selling old jewelry on craigslist or kijiji.
·      have a jewelry swap with friends - everyone brings the pieces they don’t want or need anymore, we crack open a bottle of wine, pop in a chick flick, and look through the jewelry pile to make a swap.  
·      donate my clothes or jewelry to great causes like Dress for Success, a group that provides professional attire for disadvantaged women so they can get that power job in a power suit.  

So of course, the second I’ve cleaned out my jewelry box I realize…”hmm..there’s a lot more room in there.” So I treat all my hard work with a new piece or two that showcases this year’s spring trends perfectly.

So confession time: I have a bit of a floral obsession…especially come springtime. So I have my eye on this baby. That big bright flower just makes my heart happy.

Another obsession of mine has to be nautical inspired pieces. I never like to go the full out nautical route with the bright stripes and blue, white, and red colour scheme. Way too obvious for my taste. But I do love a little hint of nautical here and there. And this bracelet is just too adorable to pass up. The pretty pink pastel (another spring fav of mine!) mixed with the gold and the grey just looks so chic I can’t help but daydream about all the outfits I’ll be wearing it with.

Do you have any spring cleaning tips to share? Do you like spring cleaning or do you put it off for weeks (until it’s really summer or fall cleaning…)?  Until next week – Happy Spring!

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