Friday, July 6, 2012

Here Comes the Sun: Looking Hot, When it's (really, really) Hot

As I sit writing this, I'm looking out my window, out at the street and I can see people walking by looking like the only thing they want in the world is a huge glass of water, and strong air conditioning. In fact, yesterday was one of the hottest days of the year here in Toronto! Cooped up working in air conditioning I didn't quite notice this. But when I briefly ventured out down the street to grab a quick snack, boy did I feel that heat! I felt a bit like a melting popsicle. And everyone knows melting popsicles are just a sad, sad, thing. By the time I got home from my five minute stroll, I wasn't looking too hot (despite the fact that it was beyond hot outside).

This past weekend was a pretty huge weekend in Toronto with Canada Day, and the Pride parade (and subsequent Church street party) on Sunday. I got a good healthy dose of sun on saturday at the beach with friends, and then while watching the pride parade on sunday so I can tell you that all the following tricks and tips have been fully tested by yours truly. 

Here's the dilemna: 
The yay- It's beautiful and sunny out and you want to get your serving of endorphins and Vitamin D. 
The nay- makeup, hair, and clothing all happen to hate the heat.

First Stop, the Face.
The face should be pretty straightforward right? If you don't usually wear any makeup then yes! Simply put on a facial sunscreen (or combo sunscreen and facial moisturizer) in at least SPF 15. Done. 

But if you're like me, and prefer to wear a bit of makeup, you have to be sure to adjust what makeup you wear, and how you wear it during the summer months. First, apply a facial sunscreen. I sometimes like to wear liquid foundation but during the summer i'm always cautious when wearing it. Have you ever looked at someone on a really hot day, and you can see little tinted beads of moisture on their face where their liquid foundation has gathered? I have, and it's not too cute. Instead, I prefer to mix a bit of my foundation into my moisturizer to make my own tinted moisturizer while saving money. I love foundation like this one by DaLish, so I can mix my own colours to match it to my summer tan or winter pale. If you do wear powder, stick to a light mineral foundation. This is usually my favourite summer choice because it's so light and won't cake. 
And now, Hair
I will refrain form showing you lovely blog readers any more braided updos, since I have included so many in previous blog entries (see here, and here). Instead, here are some more creative summer hair solutions. I recently chopped my locks off and was surprised about how much less overheated I got in the sun. 
The lovely Ashley Benson sporting new cut hair

But if you're not looking for such a drastic change, and just want to keep your hair off your neck, check these out: 

This sock bun tutorial by Ciao Beautiful is a really great option for day or night summer hair.

Don't Forget the Clothing

One of my favourite trends this summer is the High-Low skirt. I think I might actually be addicted, and have lately been trying to figure out how I am going to bring this trend into my fall wardrobe. I love wearing one to the beach, with it floating in the wind. It makes me feel beyond glamorous despite the heat (and that's a feat!)

(I actually own this skirt)

Another great option for a hot summer day is a flowy maxi (very of the moment right now!) Breezy, easy, and stylish - the perfect combo.

Finish off even the simplest summer ensemble with some layered jewellery like these lovely pieces:

What do you do to keep looking hot in the heat?

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