Friday, July 13, 2012

How to: Rice Krispie Treats

Sometimes I have a tough job...I have to test products like this Rice Krispie Decorating Kit. Life is Hard.

But seriously, I think I turned into a 5 year old while testing this product. I had loads of fun melting, mixing, and decorating everything. And because of my lack of art skills, the finished product ended up looking like a 5 year old made my creations...but who cares, I had fun! And now I can successfully say that if I (the girl who burns just about everything) can figure this kit out, so can any child. Easy instructions to follow, and a great way for parents to have fun with their kids. It gets my stamp of approval!

Each kit comes with everything you need - gummies for decorating the faces, icing, marshmallow creme, and a good amount of rice krispies. All you need is a little creativity to decide what to make. I made a fish (get it, since we're called Orangefish...). Okay, so maybe it's because that was a pretty easy shape to start with. Then I made a face that was supposed to be me. And if you can't tell, that's a hairbow because even rice krispie treats need accessories.

Check out a bunch of our decorating kits here including our new cake pop kits.

Happy decorating!

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