Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Crazy for CrossFit

I had heard so much about CrossFit and have always wanted to try it so I finally gave it a shot.  I called Crossfit Toronto, made an appointment and they told me to come dressed for a workout.  So, of course I thought it was appropriate to wear my "Do It" tank.
I showed up and was greeted by Dylan – one of the instructors at the gym.  A young obviously fit guy.  He showed me around and then told me he was going to put me through a mini work out which consisted of:
  • Rowing (no problem)
  • Pull-ups (problem)
  • Push-ups (problem)
  • Sit-ups (no problem)
Each exercise was timed and the numbers recorded.  Throughout this mini work out Dylan was great at encouraging me to go faster, pull harder and do just one more.  Of course, when we were done, I definitely had a glow about me and my shirt was a little more than damp so the message changed to "Don't Quit"... so appropriate.  And keep in mind - this was the "mini workout".
I have now been doing CrossFit for 10 months and there is so much that I love about it!  I continue to go to CrossFit Toronto and have had a great experience to date.  I have seen amazing results with my strength and conditioning!  I am still not a fan of burpees but I have gone from a using a green band to a purple band for pull ups.
I am using the 24 inch box for box jumping - that is the second tallest one!
And, most importantly, I have made the board for my push press.  I am currently tied for 1st so I need to get just a little bit stronger to claim the top spot at our location.  You can see, I am competitive and like to compete not only against myself but others too and that is one of the things I love the most about crossfit.  You are always pushing yourself to get it done and do it better next time.
John and Machiko, the owners of CrossFit Toronto are very knowledgeable about working out and provide great tips to help you correct your form but CrossFit is not just about working out – it is about a community of like minded individuals, people who,
  • Want to see improvement
  • Want to compete not only against others but also against themselves
  • Like to work hard and play harder
Check Out this Video
There is a comradery that occurs in the CrossFit gym – people know your name, they know when you have been there and when you have not, they love to encourage you to keep going and to achieve your best... even if it beats them.  There is a spirit that is built in these gyms that do not occur at other work out facilities.  You are not just a number – you are a part of the team or family... just ask Riki, John and Machiko’s daughter who can mimic any exercise even though she is only 2 years old!   Riki might have better form than I do, she loves to help spot and I especially love it she tells me to go do wall balls!  I see a mini trainer in the making.
 These are the things I love most:
  • That the workouts are always challenging and change everyday.
  • You are always encouraged to do your best in that given moment.
  • Mentally you have to be focused and in the moment.  The movements are complex.  There is no room for outside distractions.  When you are at Crossfit – you are doing Crossfit – not thinking about all the other things in your life that need to get done.
  • There is always room for improvement – either with your technique, time or weight that you are lifting.
  • The instructors are great at demonstrating moves, making sure you are doing things properly, pushing you to work harder, but are also very respectful of limitations and injuries.  They are quick to give you a substitute exercise or help you adapt a move that will work for you that day.
  • The Boards!  You can see the names of people and their times, weight or reps so you have goals to achieve.  After 6 months... I finally got on the board.  I was so excited – it totally made my day to think I was finally on the board!
 Things to Remember:

1. Don’t be intimidated!  Everyone has strengths and weaknesses.  And everyone in the gym was new at one point in
    time.  They will know what you are going through and understand that it is tough.
2. Not everyone is an ex-pro athlete.  There are all kinds of people that do Crossfit from people that have never done any
    exercise before to people that exercise every day.  And don’t think age is a factor – I have seen 60 year old women
    doing Crossfit and they make it through!  It really is just a group of regular people living regular lives.
3. No one is judging you.  If you make a mistake with a movement, fail at lifting a light weight or trip on the box it is not a
    big deal, shake it off and just keep going.  Listen to your instructors and continue to learn.  All that matters is that you are
    making the choice to live a healthier life.
4. Focus on form.  It is better to lift lighter and correct your form before attempting to lift too heavy.  Get a solid foundation
    and you won’t have any bad habits to break.  Plus, your body will thank you later as you avoid any injury.
5. Have fun!  Think about how you will feel when it is done.  Be able to laugh at yourself when you do something wrong. 
    We are not solving world problems here but are getting healthier and more fit one WOD (Work out of the Day) at a time!
How do you know Crossfit is right for you?
Give it a try! Why not?  This is the best way to figure it out. You might hate it but then again you might love it!
If you want to go for a free consultation contact CrossFit Toronto and tell them Orangefish sent you!
Hopefully the next time I am panting, straining and groaning to make it through a WOD (Work Out of the Day) you will be too!
One More Thing!
I almost forgot to mention the fashion!  If you hit a CrossFit gym don't be surprised by the bright colours and crazy socks that you will see... this is all part of being a crazy CrossFitter!  At Orangefish, we love crazy socks and the people that love to wear them!

Until next time...
Galaxy Girl


  1. Hey Janet - congrats on making it up the board! You are an inspiration. And I like that DO IT/DON'T QUIT T-shirt. Very chic!

    I agree with your "Things I love the most" - you totally have to be in the moment and FOCUS. I have been training this winter and enjoying it and happy to see the progress. No judgment and everyone at their own pace and feeling proud.

    Have a great next WOD! I'm off to a movie at Hot Docs ;-) xx @haikugirlmm

  2. HI MM - thanks! You know me always wanting to win. Thank you for your great feedback and positive comments. Always great to hear. Also, glad to hear you have been training this winter and enjoying your results! Have a great time at Hot Docs! Chat soon. J


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