Thursday, May 2, 2013

What Type Of Mom Do You Have?

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Not sure what to get Mom this year?  Never fear, Orangefish is here with some great gift suggestions based on what type of mom you have.... because even though we think they are all alike they are each very different!  

So which of the following is your mom? 

The Fashionable Fun Mom
She always likes to rock the latest looks and is never afraid to try the trend!  She also encourages you to try new things too!


The Magnetic Ring
Search Term: magnetic
The Marble Bangle Bracelet
Search Term: GAYM
Cowl Necklace
Search Term: Twea

The Elegant & Refined Mom
Always dressed to impress, everything is uber organized and when you are visiting you had better be sure to watch your p’s and q’s. 


Gold Business Card Case
Search Term: ice-
Sterling Silver Swarovski Crystal Crocheted Earrings
Search Term: tk-
Sloan Serenity Sampler Tea Collection
Search Term: Sloan

 The Favours Florals Mom
There are some mom’s out there that just love everything floral but instead of giving them flowers this year, give them a floral piece that will last a lifetime.


Buttercup Studs
Search Term:  rebecca
The Flower Shop Necklace
Search Term: roberta
Gold Rose Bud Studs
Search Term: marina

The Sentimental Mom
There is rarely a dry eye in the house – this mom loves to show you her love.  She has cards for every occasion and loves to give gifts just for the sake of making others happy.  This mom loves gifts that have some sort of meaning behind the item.


Mini Gold Heart Necklace
Search Term: jessie
A Mother Understands
Search Term: DVBNY
Hope Cup
Search Term: Hope

The Fitness-Loving Mom
Always on the go, trying new things and loves to stay active – she might be a runner, a golfer or a tennis pro but whatever she is into she loves it.


Do It Women’s Racer Back Tank
Search Term: viewspor
Tennis Tour Bag
Search Term: Amea
Pro Racing Socks
Search Term: ubfi

The Photo Snapping Mom
For the mom that likes to be behind the camera instead of in front of it.  Whether she loves snapping pictures of her family, nature or current news items this mom loves her camera and totes it around everyone – so why not give her some extra style for special events..



Tea Party Camera Strap
Search Term: bloomt
Star Struck Camera Strap
Search Term: bloomt
Stardust Camera Strap
Search Term: bloomt

The New Mom
Now all she is thinking about is her new little wee one... she has completely forgotten about herself.  Get her something that will help with her new lifestyle.

Diaper Bag
Search Term: Amea
The Charm Necklace
Search Term: tk-
Benbini Watch
Search Term: benbi

Martini Mama
This is for the mama that likes to shake and make... not bake!  There is always a new experimental drink in the house.  Let your mama shake... what she didn’t give to give you!


Martini Cosmetic Case
Search Term: martini
Martini Apron
Search Term: martini
Green Dots Martini Shaker
Search Term: martini

Vino Lovin Mom
Your mom’s favourite “flavour flav” involves fermented grapes and entertaining either at home or on the go.  There is always red, white and bubbly available, and ready to pour.

Provence Wine Barrel Platters
Search Term: wine b
Wine Barrel Pendant
Search Term:  wine b
Bicycle Wine Rack
Search Term: oopsm

The Cool Hip Mom
Easy, breezy, nothing is ever a big deal.  She would love to see you but also has her own to do list of activities that are on her bucket list.    You and your friends need a ride, or you need a babysitter – she is there and it is never a problem.

Mod “Marble” Earrings
Search Term: GAYM
Studded Stretch Bracelet
Search Term: Amrita
Leaf & Crystal Necklace
Search Term: gypsy

The Eco Friendly Mom
Once an activist always an activist.  Your mom is the recycling queen.  She loves making sure everything goes into the bin and tries to always make purchases that will not end up in the landfill.  Save the planet!

Love Bottles
Search Term:  loveb
Baby Got the Blues Bracelet
Search Term: roberta
Upcycled Beer Glasses
Search Term: artt

 The “Always Supporting a Cause” Mom
She’s not one for jewelry and knickknacks but does like to donate her time or money to a cause that will really help people, amimals or the earth! A thoughtful gift that gives back makes the perfect gift for her.

Indian Elephant Scarf
Search Term: elephant
I can make a difference
Search Term: DVBNY
Sseko Sandals
Search Term: sseko

The Uber-Organized Mom
In this household, everything has a place.  Lined up alphabetically or colour coordinated, might be the same system for all or different systems for every room or item but there is a method to  her madness.  Just make sure you put everything back where you found it.


Belle Dangles Organizer
Search Term: belled
Victoria Bra Bag
Search Term: brag
Unii Palette
Search Term: unii

The Friendly Mother-In-Law
Is there such a thing?  I am sure there must be.  If you have a mother-in-law who you actually like here are some simple suggestions for you.



Asymmetrical Pendant Necklace
Search Term: twea
Scarf & Charm Set
Search Term: oclaf
Nature Cheese Board
Search Term: talis

You love your grandma and wish you could see more of her.  She lived in simpler times and is starting to get just a little forgetful so why not brighten her day.

Bird on a Wire Socks
Search Term: sockit
Heartz Apron
Search Term: apron
Crystal Lanyard Eye Glass Holders
Search Term: lanyard

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Remember - Mama always knows best!  Hope you and your mom have an amazing Mother's day!
Enjoy the surf!

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