Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It's Not Over Until It's Over!

You know summer is winding down when Staples starts to get busier than normal, dozens of teens can be seen invading Costco and Ikea to stock up their dorms, and you’ve already started to think about what leather boots will look good with your chunky knit cardigan.

But as they say (whoever they is…) “It’s not over till its over”. We’ve still got a few more weeks of summer left to enjoy, so lets make them the best weeks yet! We’ve definitely got some exciting stuff to look forward to:

a)   On Tuesday August 24 Katy Perry’s newest CD “Teenage Dream” is released. I’m sure she’ll have a bunch of fun tunes perfect for your summer bbq.

b)  If you live near Toronto get pumped for Thursday August 26. It’s the grand opening of Victoria’s Secret at Yorkdale. That’s right ladies, no more traveling across the border to get your hands on this popular brand. The opening is a big deal, apparently some of the VS Angels are even making an appearance. Once you’ve shopped your heart out and stacked your drawers with lacy treats, check out the Bra and Panty Bag to make sure your new purchases stay in top condition.

c)   Sunday August 29 is the Emmy Awards! All you TV addicts (myself included) won’t want to miss this. Get together a bunch of friends, cook up some party food, mix up a couple cosmos and encourage some good ol’ fashioned competition as each person roots for their fav series or actor. Who I’m cheering for:

  • Best Actor in a Comedy Series: Jim Parsons (Sheldon Cooper in Big Bang Theory)
  • Best Actor in a Drama Series: Michael C. Hall (Dexter in Dexter) even though I think Jon Hamm will win for Mad Men
  • Best Comedy Series: The Office or Glee…I can’t make up my mind
  • Best Drama Series: Mad Men or True Blood’ll win but I’m a Dexter fan
d)   Tuesday September 7 Sarah Bareilles’ new CD Kaleidoscope Heart is released. She’s got a gorgeous voice and is still unknown enough that you can claim you knew about her first when she gets super big.  Check out the pre-released single “King of Anything” 

What do you have planned for your last few weeks of summer? 
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  1. my days are rolling into each other. However, I love to take a little trip. : )


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