Friday, August 20, 2010

Pass the Corona!

No summer is complete without an ice-cold Corona in your hand. Orangefish wants you to enjoy your last few weeks of summer in style, so we’re featuring our Lime Beer Bottle Platter and Flip Flop Bottle opener as our “Weekly Special”.

You can’t have a good corona without a lime. The beer bottle platter comes with a special knife to cut the limes into perfect wedges, and the beer bottle shape is super fun. Totally beats a boring white cutting board if you ask me.

One of the classic symbols of summer is the colorful rubber flip flop. This bottle opener ensures that you can have a taste of summer all year round. It’s totally adorable and would make a great little thank you for someone throwing a party. Or pair it with a box of classic Italian sodas or a pack of beer and wrap it in a colorful bow for a unique and fun birthday present.

And for a little extra corona fun, check out this commercial:

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