Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Planning a Glam Oscar Party

So many of us dream of one day becoming a famous movie star and wearing a glamorous dress to award shows like the Oscars. Well, you probably won’t be at the Oscars any time soon, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun during awards season!
            Enjoy the Oscars glamour from your home with an awards-themed party. Invite your friends over, get dressed up in cocktail dresses, and sip on martinis while watching the show to see who wins the biggest awards of the night. Any excuse to wear a fancy dress is good for me! You can even do your own best dressed nominees for the people at your party. You can have small cute favors for the winners and so a silly runway show.
            Martinis are the perfect cocktail for an Oscars party. Make a signature Oscars martini, then create a make your own martini station with a bunch of fruits, olives, juices, and alcohols. Then you guests can make their own signature Martini and sip it in style as you watch your favorite celebs walk the red carpet. If you do decide to do a runways best dressed show, your guests will thank you for the martinis!
            The show is pretty long (especially if you’re including the pre-show red carpet) so make sure you provide your guests with food. Try out these ideas:
-       Cupcakes topped with icing and metallic decorations
-       Appetizers like puff pastry packets
-       Fruit salad
-       Mini chicken skewers
-       Bacon wrapped cantalope pieces
-       A fondue station
-       Macaroons dipped in chocolate
-       Mini quiches
-       Bruschetta
-       Boccocini and tomatoes cut up and skewered on a stick with basil and balsamic
-       Bacon wrapped breadsticks
-       Prosciutto wrapped figs
-       Sushi
To spice things up a bit, add a little gambling. Bet on who will win best picture, best actress and actor, and best supporting actor and actress. Who knows, you may walk away with a little extra change in your pocket! But make it more about fun, then driving all your friends broke. If you need to kill some time before everyone arrives, try doing a little past Oscar trivia with questions about past winners and memorable moments.

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