Friday, February 25, 2011

The Magic of a Greeting Card

In the world of emails, text messaging, and Facebook you would think that sending greeting cards would be an extinct habit. But surprisingly, It’s not! Just go to Hallmark around Valentine’s Day or Christmas and you’ll see just how many people still love to give and receive greeting cards. I know that my heart still always warms when someone gives me one. In fact, I have a box full of heartfelt cards from the last ten years. Every once and a while I like to take a trip down memory lane and read old cards. They can make you laugh or cry, but it’s always an enjoyable experience.

Sometimes you get the most gorgeous card that you just have to frame it. Or you may get an incredibly unique card that you show everyone. Uniqueness is key at Orangefish of course, so we have a variety of funny, silly, and even heartfelt cards that really stand out from any other mass produced ones.

Picking out a card is a very personal experience. It’s all about picking the card that speaks to you and embodies the occasion. I take great care in picking my cards because I think they say just as much as the gift does. It’s the first thing the recipient opens and it immediately sets the tone of the whole gift.

Check out Orangefish’s collection of gift cards here.

What’s the most memorable card you’ve ever received? Do you keep all the special cards given to you?

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