Friday, February 4, 2011

Text your < 3

It February, aka. the month of love! Well, maybe the weather isn’t giving us much love right now. But that doesn’t mean you can’t snuggle up with that special someone and escape the cold.

We’ve been told a million time that relationships are about communication. But in the last few years, the way we communicate has changed drastically. A couple centuries ago you had to walk across the city to tell someone you loved them. Then, you could mail them a letter. Then you could email them. And now you can just text them! So whether you’re long distance or simply down the road, you can talk to them pretty much 24/7 (though, trust me, no one likes being texted at 4 in the morning). 

Texting has created a whole new language. Save your fingers and instead of typing “I love you”, type “I <3 u”. And of course there’s the oft-used  :) and ;) and :P (a personal favorite of mine). The problem with texting is that it can be pretty difficult to decipher a person’s tone. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve confused sarcasm for just plain rudeness. Note: if you’re being sarcastic, please put a :P, LOL or :) at the end so the text-sarcasm illiterate will know you’re joking. Putting symbols like J in your messages is great for personal conversations because it gives signals about your mood and tone, but it can certainly become a dangerous habit. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to write a formal email and wanted so badly to put a J at the end (so they’ll know I’m not a horribly serious person and I’m usually quite happy!). Alas, there’s a time and a place for text-talk.   

If you love texting/msn/facebook/any kind of social networking site basically you’ll love these new necklaces we have in! They’re just so much fun! They take their inspiration from the symbols used in texting. And they’re sterling silver, so you can spend your time texting instead of trying to rub that green residue off your fake-silver necklace. They are small charms with some of the most popular symbols like:

My favorite one would have to be the wink charm. I am unfortunately physically incapable of winking. Trust me, its not pretty. I usually just end up looking like there’s something wrong with my facioe. Definitely not cute. So this charm is a nice alternative! It’s a little cheeky and shows that I’m a fun individual and I don’t have to contort my face to do it! I’ll definitely be sporting one of these! They make great fun gifts for your friends or a teenage daughter/niece. 

What’s your favorite text expression? How often do you text?

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