Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Oscar fashion hits, misses, and close calls

The Oscars may be a night designed to celebrate great successes in the film industry, but who is kidding who, isn’t it also all about the fashion! I’ll sit through those dreary 2 hour long red carpet specials and watch reporters make total fools of themselves just so I can catch a glimpse of a glamorous gown or handsome tux.

Mila Kunis
I die. This dress is just so gorgeous that no one cares that she didn’t win best supporting actress. The colour, the cut, the fun lace details. Love it! Even though Joan Rivers hated her Golden Globes dress, I have to say that she might just be my best dressed lady of the whole awards season.
image from Moviephone

Natalie Portman
Defbinitely no surprise here. I think that no matter what she wore, I probably would have loved it. She’s just Hollywood’s leading lady right now and you can’t seem to criticize her. I love the dress. The colour and hints of sparkle are gorgeous. I do thin that all her accessories are a little bridesmaid-ish and matchy-matchy. I would have chosen a different colour shoe and handbag but then again who am I to say anything. This is Natalie Portman I’m talking about.
image from ivillage

Hilary Swank
Usually not a huge favorite of mine but Hilary really stepped it up this Oscar season. This dress totally reminds me of Carrie Bradshaw and I love it. The ombre effect softens the feathers, and the mix of sequins adds just the right amount of glam without going too “viva las vegas”.
Image from ivillage

Nicole Kidman
Nicole, Nicole, Nicole. You did so well at the Grammys. Why did you pick the biggest night of the year to wear this hideous dress? Why any girl would ever want to wear a dress that makes their hips look bigger is beyond me (especially when you’ve got a rockin bod like Nicole!). I’m not sure who she stole this tablecloth/bedspread/curtain from but Nicole its not nice to steal and you should really give it back. Plus, everyone knows that curtain fabric will always get you on the worst dressed list.
image from ivillage

I would talk about Helena Bonham Carter, but that would just be too obvious. She knows she’s crazy and she rocks it. Who can really criticize her.

Special shoutout goes to the biebs. Justin Bieber gets my vote for best improved hair. Sure the signature do is gone, but I think this new one is a million times better. Looks like Selena Gomez is doing him some good! Aren't they just adorable, all coordinated?
 Image from Moviephone

Overall I have to say that I was maybe a little let down by this years Oscars fashion. I thought that the Golden Globes really shown with its array of gorgeous dresses, and more people played it safe during the Oscars.

What would you wear if you were on the Oscars red carpet? Would you play it safe or pick something that might cause a little debate but could look totally fabulous?

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