Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bringing our your inner prankster!

April Fools Day. The favorite holiday for pranksters everywhere. I love having fun and being silly so April Fools Day is usually a great excuse for me to bring out my inner joker. Unfortunately, I may just be the worst liar ever. So while I have the enthusiasm for the holiday, I don’t quite have the skills required to pull off a successful prank. When I was younger I’d have to hide behind a closed door giggling behind my hand trying to pull whatever prank I had devised. Needless to say no one ever took me very seriously. So, I relied on the not-to-creative but trusty water nozzle trick. If you have a sink that has a water nozzles attached to a hose that is activated by squeezing the handle, simply tie a rubber band around the nozzle so when the unexpected person turns on the water they get soaked. Maybe not the nicest prank in the book, but it was definitely a childhood favorite of mine.

Another classic is, while your friend/family member/significant other is away at work or the grocery store fill their bedroom up with blow up ballons. This is a popular dorm room prank but can work anywhere.

I like to keep my pranks simple, silly, and harmless. I have three rules
1) Don’t mess with my hair
2) Don’t make me late for work or an appointment (aka. don't even try to pull the alarm trick)
3) Whatever you do to me, you better expect to be done right back! Vengeance is sweet my friends!

So here’s a few popular pranks that you can pull off tomorrow:

Do you use soap bars in your house? If you do, paint one with clear nail polish. Let it dry overnight and then set it out in the bathroom. No matter how hard a person tried to get some soap they won’t be able to. Watch their confusion and get ready to run when they figure out what you’ve done (no one likes getting hit with a projectile soap bar!).

This one is an oldie but a goodie. All you need is a carton of eggs (doesn’t need to be completely full). Take all the eggs in the carton and hard boil them. Then carefully put them back into the carton so they look identical to how they were before. Then, when in the morning, your friend/family member/lover tries to make themselves some fried eggs they’ll get a fun surprise! They may try to crack all the other eggs in the carton so be prepared to eat some egg salad for lunch.

Do you have three way calling on your phone? Set up a 3 way between yourself and two friends who don’t know each other. Then, once you’ve dialed their numbers keep quiet and listen in and they try to figure out how they got on the phone with each other. “You called me!” “no you called me!”. This is even funnier with friends who you know don’t have caller id. They’ll never know it was you (unless you choose to tell them).

This one is a bit obscure and maybe better for around Christmas. But it definitely made me chuckle. If you know someone who eats walnuts carefully crack a few walnut shells and place funny objects inside of them in place of the walnuts. A funny note like “I am a walnut picker in the jungle and I am being held against my will. Please save me” or a different nut like an almond is a good option. Then, carefully, using superglue, fuse the shell back together and wait until it gets cracked open!

Do you have any great practical jokes you’ve played on April Fools? Have you ever had a not-so-funny trick played on you?

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