Friday, March 11, 2011

If you love it, lock it!

Everyone seems to be jumping on the mom bandwagon. Celebs like Jessica Alba and Natalie Portman are expecting their babies and retailers are responding to the need for more stylish yet functional gadgets. Taking care of your child understandably comes first on your priority list. But it’s also important to retain some of your own unique personality or style. You can be a great mom and be totally stylin’ too! I love this adorable photo of Jennifer Garner and her daughter having a girly day together.

Daily mom and baby excursions can be tons of fun. All the ohhs and ahhs over how adorable your little bundle of joy is, enjoying ice cream on the boardwalk, and window shopping for new adorable baby outfits. But sometimes it can be a hassle to navigate your stroller around. Ever wanted to leave your stroller somewhere as you and your child poke into an inaccessible store, or hop onto the merry-go-round at a fair? We all know that where there are bicycle thieves, there are stroller thieves too. But you shouldn’t have to miss out on life’s spontaneous experiences. Enter, “Buggy Guard”. This handy (and stylish) gadget will keep your expensive stroller locked up while you have fun with your child. They come in the shapes of adorable colourful animals. Whether your child likes Hippos, Monkeys, Pandas, or Piggys, they’ll be able to pick the comforting animal that will keep mommy’s buggy safe and sound. But of course, this isn’t your typical lock. This one even comes with accessories! Who says a pig or a monkey doesn’t like to accessorize too. Each lock comes with 3 different coloured bow ties to suit your (or your child’s) mood. Now, whether your stroller is an oldsmobile or a shiny new model, you can be sure its always safe (and looking totally cute).

Pushing a stroller is already hard work without having to also drag that heavy diaper bag over your shoulder. If your back or shoulders seem to be screaming at you at the end of a long day of walking, its no secret why. The B-hook, the Buggy-Guards practical cousin is there to help you get those shopping bags and purses off your shoulders. The non-slip grip will suspend the bags from the handle of your stroller. It even contains a locking device to lock any valuable objects to your stroller if you need to step away for a minute. Back pain is not so stylish, and though you may be tempted to drag that bag on the floor after a mile of walking, that’s not so stylish either. Let the B-Hook give you a helping hand so you have more energy to spend with your little one. So put that heating pack and muscle cream back into the closet, and trade up for a sleek B-hook.

You want to spend as much carefree time as you can with your little one without having to struggle with a heavy stroller, or having to worry about it being stolen. The simplest gadgets really can make your life a little easier and sweeter!

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