Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Creating Memorable Shower Gifts!

So many baby showers, so little time! And the hardest part is trying to come up with creative gift ideas for every one. I guess you could just walk to the baby section of the kids clothing store and buy 5 sets of the same outfit, but everyone knows girls talk too much and word about your bulk gifts might get out. And while your intentions may have been good, others might not see it quite the same way. So, I’m going to help you search for the perfect shower gift that is:
a)     thoughtful
b)    creative
c)     time-efficient
d)    won’t break the bank
Before you start getting together a gift check if the mom to be has registered somewhere. This can make your shopping easier and will ensure that your gift is perfect for the mom. You can still get creative with the wrapping to add your own personal touch. Is there a theme for the shower? You can even design a gift around the theme

First, one of my favorite ideas, executed by Orangefish’s very own founder Janet Lewis! This diaper cake is totally fun, unique, and a perfect way to add a little personality to the usual shower gift. The diapers that make up the cake shape are obviously practical and the mom-to-be will certainly be using them! Then, put some other toys inside the top of the cake peeking out.

This youtube video gives some great style ideas for designing diaper cakes. I love how they’ve rolled washcloths to look like small roses and picked stylish and fun blankets to cover the outside of the cake. Top it with an adorable stuffed animal and you’ve got a grade A shower gift!

Another great creative yet practical gift idea is a mommy-survival bag. Find a cute tote or weekender bag and fill it with all the essentials for a trip to the hospital when the mom-to-be goes into labour. Include her favorite novel or crossword puzzle book, slippers, fuzzy socks, lip gloss, deodorant, and anything else you can think of.

This hilarious dad to be toolkit makes me laugh every time

I also love the idea of making a onesie cupcakes. Just roll a onesie in a ball making sure the top is smooth. Then put it into a colourful muffin wrapper and place a decorative ornament on top. I love the ones on this website. It’s a special treat for the mom-to be!

I also love these stuffed animals from Orangefish. They are so fun and colourful and 100% cuddly. They’ll make a great decoration for the baby’s room and a friend to cuddle when the baby turns into a toddler. Check out the little rascals page on the site for even more ideas!

Do you have any great baby shower gift ideas to share?

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