Friday, March 25, 2011

Brushing Buddies!

Parent’s have a stash of secret tricks for getting kids to eat vegetables, wash behind their ears, brush their teeth, and make their beds. Pureed vegetables like carrots and spinach can be hidden inside of kiddie favorites like pizza sauce or mac and cheese (carrots or butternut squash are orange too so they won’t notice). My parents used the gold star/sticker system to get me to make my bed. If I collected enough at the end of the week I was allowed to go to the dollar store and pick out anything I wanted. It was always the highlight of my week!

But getting kids to keep themselves properly groomed can be a chore all in itself. No matter how hard you try they always seem to be covered in mud. And even when you hide the candy, those pesky cavities seem to pop up. They key is to make their grooming routine fun! Fact: kids love robots (see transformers) and animals (see ½ the kids movies ever made). So why not integrate the things they love into teeth-brushing!

Bacteria watch out. These little guys are your worst nightmare! This cool gadget will make kids actually excited to brush their teeth (it’s a miracle!). The cute little robots and animals have a handy suction cup that will attach itself to the wall. Then, when your child goes to pull their toothbrush out of the holder or put it back in, it will automatically snap open and free the brush from its grasp. This innovative feature keeps bacteria from gathering on the brush bristles. It uses Hygienilac -- an organic, non-toxic and FDA approved anti-bacterial that has been shown to kill 99.9% of bacteria within 24 hours. Now your little one will have their very own toothbrushing mascot!

And fun isn’t only for kids! The robot holder is perfect for anyone who loves to be sci-fi chic. Whether you love Walle, iRobot, Transformers, AI, or a little Bruce Willis action in Surrogates, if you’re a robot fan you’ll love this fun little addition to your brushing routine!

How do you keep your kids healthy and clean? Do you have any secret tips to share?

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