Friday, September 10, 2010

Extreme Makeover: Office Desk Edition

A few days ago I wrote about how to customize your kid’s school supplies. As much as I love flowers and rhinestones, I know that I need something slightly more professional for the office. That’s why I love these office supplies. They’re super fun and colorful but still totally appropriate for the office.

If you ask me cubicles have a bad rap. Why? Because they’re so completely boring. You’re not a boring person I’m sure, so why does your cubicle look the same as everyone else? I think desks are a great opportunity to inject as much of your personality as possible into a small space. When I used to look at my plain standard black stapler, all I could think about was how much I dreaded all the paperwork I would have to staple with it. These new products make me dread it a little less. If anything else I just love demonstrating how they work to everyone, and watching their jealous looks as they glance back at their own dreary supplies. I love my work, so why not express that through the supplies I use. Colorful, fun office essentials give off a positive energy that can translate to my work.

My favorites would have to be the Elvis tape dispenser and the Oskar sticky notes. Who knew something as simple as tape could be so much fun! I love how vibrant all the colours are too. If you want, you can even coordinate your bookmarks with your tape, with your paperclip holder. No one can ever claim that your desk is boring ever again!

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