Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lady O's Legacy

It’s the end of a decade (or a few decades). The Queen of the talk show is officially stepping down from her golden throne. This is Oprah’s last season, and the whole world is secretly thinking “what will I watch at 4:00 every day?” or “great, now I’ll never have a chance to get on her ‘my favorite things’ show”.

Her theme this season is “living a beautiful life”. That phrase means something a little different to everyone. To me it’s about having good relationships, balancing relaxation and productivity, making sure to spend time in nature, freely expressing my creativity, and every once in a while doing something a little wild or unexpected.

What does “living a beautiful life” mean to you?

She’s definitely kicked off her new season in typical Oprah fashion: with a huge surprise that makes everyone who wasn’t in the audience super jealous. On her season premiere she revealed that she was sending the whole audience to Australia. Yes, Austrailia! Not Ohio, or Mississippi, but Australia! You can’t deny that Lady O knows how to execute a great surprise. Oprah, if you’re reading this, how’d you like to set up a surprise party for me? (hey! You never know. She could read this one day…maybe)

Everyone probably has their own favorite Oprah moment. Other than the classic Tom Cruise jumping on her couch incident, one of my favorite Oprah moments has to be during the Chicago block party last year. I’m such a sucker for a good ol’ flash mob, so I loved this coordinated dance to “I’ve got a feeling”. Check it out but I’ll warn you, it may result in some finger drumming/toe tapping.

What’s your favorite Oprah memory?

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